How to buy a car online in Dubai

How to buy a car online in Dubai

We were invited to check out Carzaty, the Middle East’s hottest digital-focused car dealership that operates in Oman and the UAE. Carzaty sells pre-owned cars with a warranty and puts a priority on the customer experience. Their “showroom” is called the Car Hub and we went to the one in Dubai. You can find all their cars and book a test-drive at

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  1. Thank you Tammam,
    I have sent an email earlier to Drive Arabia in regards to Carzaty and why you have removed DubiCars from your used car icon. My only issue was that Carzaty has a poor selection only 96 cars in total from all car brands available to choose from with slightly higher prices than market versus 10 K plus from DubiCars or other car websites.

    • Hi Muhannad. The partnership with Dubicars has ended. It was a classifieds with a mix of private cars, certified dealers and Aweer dealers. Carzaty is a standalone dealership selling only their own certified cars with a warranty and a 7-day money-back guarantee. Prices are competitive compared to other certified dealers.

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