2022 Toyota Land Cruiser offered with Modellista kits

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser offered with Modellista kits

Modellista is a Japanese firm focused on aftermarket modification kits for Toyota vehicles. With the new LC300-gen Toyota Land Cruiser out now, Modellista has launched a bunch of visual upgrades for those buyers who will never venture off-road.

The changes do not go down to the bones. The Modellista upgrades are mostly confined to the exterior of the 2022 Land Cruiser. The front and rear bumpers are tweaked to look a bit edgier than the stock units. Especially the rather bland bottom area of the bumpers features added details on them.

The side profile of the Modellista upgraded LC300 is spiced up with new two 21-inch alloy wheel designs. Customers can choose between matte black or gloss black finishes. If you are looking for any more changes, you may not find any because that’s about it.

Modellista had rolled out elaborate modification kits for previous-generation Land Cruisers in the past as well, some of which were added to certain model-year LC200s straight on the showroom floor and passed off as “facelift” models. Down the road, the LC300 may also get such kits pre-installed. We believe dealers in some markets are already offering this kit.

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