Canoo electric truck is a silent player in work-truck segment

Canoo electric truck is a silent player in work-truck segment

The EV truck market is a happening stage in the current scenario with players like Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, GMC Hummer and the recently launched Ford F-150 Lightning locking horns for the top spot. Amid all this, there are some offerings that flew under the radar and one among them is the Canoo electric truck. This futuristic truck brings in more than its cute design to the table.

Canoo is a California-based carmaker, and this is their first outing into the electric pickup market. With their new product, Canoo has tried to cram an awful lot of features in it. The business bits of the Canoo truck is good enough for 600 hp and 746 Nm in a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive configuration. This model can travel up to 322 km in a single charge. Those who do not need this level of performance can opt for the cheaper single motor variant.

The Canoo truck has quite a versatile loading bed with a modular design. The bed is almost 2 metres long, but if the need comes to carry longer items, it hides an extension that can increase the length by another half metre. The bed itself has cargo dividers that can help you segregate your load. The bed can double into a workbench with flip-down tables integrated into its sides. There is a side-step too, making loading and unloading a breeze.

The absence of an engine allows the Canoo truck to free up room at the front for yet another pop-out workbench with extendable sides. Improving the versatility of the Canoo is the optional roof carrier or even a camper body shell with a roof-mounted tent. Just like almost all EV trucks on the market, the Canoo also features several power outlets that allow plugging in external devices.

Canoo, though new to the market, seems to be a strong work-truck contender. The distinctive design will surely be their plus point. Banking on the peculiar design, Canoo has even skipped slapping a logo on their vehicle, hoping that the unique light design will do the same trick. If you are rushing to clear out a place in your garage for this interesting truck, you may have to take it slow. The Canoo will not reach its first customers until 2023 in the United States.

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