Manufacturer recalls for July 2021

Manufacturer recalls for July 2021

Airbags kicking up more recalls, Tesla deliveries halted, a brittle steering badge, and a lot more. This is the list of all global recalls that happened in the month of July 2021.

Mazda is recalling 260,915 Mazda 3s for brittle steering badges. These badges are found to be made to incorrect specifications. When the airbag pops open, these badges can crumble, and the fragments can turn into projectiles. With possible harm to the driver, Mazda is recalling Mazda 3s from 2004 to 2007. Owners will be updated via recall notifications sent to them. The fix is a simple one, obviously.

Takata airbag recalls created utter chaos across the world in the past few years, amounting to a recall of more than 100 million airbag inflators. Now, there is an airbag recall from GM. These airbags Joyson Safety Systems, the company that took over the bankrupt Takata. These side airbags have inflators that can rupture. There is also the possibility of the end caps flying off. 9000 of these trucks have been recalled, covering 2015 to 2016 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500, 2500, and 3500.

Porsche Taycan EV is being recalled globally for unexpected power loss. More than 43,000 of these EV sedans are included in this recall. NHTSA reports that nine complaints have been registered against this problem. The 12-volt auxiliary battery of the Taycan is found to be a failure point. A loss in the voltage of this battery may deactivate the entire electrical system and prevents the vehicle from operating, as per the report by NHTSA.

Two car fires have prompted General Motors to initiate a recall for some old Chevrolet Bolts. It includes 69,000 Bolts made from 2017 to 2019. These were already recalled once for the same issue in 2020. GM instructs the drivers of these cars to park their vehicles outside and not to charge them overnight until the recall repairs are made. They also ask to avoid depleting the battery below a range of 112 km to avoid the fire risk.

Ford and Lincoln have initiated a couple of recalls this month. These affect models including 2013-17 Ford Explorer and 2020-21 Lincoln Aviator. The Explorers are recalled due to a seized cross-axis ball joint. This can reduce the steering control and increase the chances of a crash. A substantial 774,696 vehicles are included in this recall. These vehicles will be inspected, and the cross-axis joint/knuckle will be replaced if deemed unfit for use.

The newer Lincoln Aviators are recalled due to a battery cable wire harness that is not fitted properly. Petrol-only Aviators are the sole model in consideration, so PHEV owners can relax. Due to improper fitment, the wire harness can touch the AC compressor pulley. The degradation that happens to the insulation of the wiring harness can result in a short circuit, and ultimately a fire. The cars will be inspected by the dealer. If the wiring harness is not touching the pulley yet, it will be tied down using a basic tie strap. If it is already damaged, the wire harness will be replaced.

Tesla has put a stop to the deliveries of their Model S Long Range and Plaid variants for over a week. Even though Tesla has not revealed the reason for this, they messaged that these cars require an updated inspection process. This process performs some additional checks on these vehicles before they are handed over to the customers.

That is it for the last month. Contact your local dealer if you suspect your car may be included in these recalls.

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