Chevrolet packs a new 10.35-litre V8 engine in a crate

Chevrolet packs a new 10.35-litre V8 engine in a crate

Crate engines were quite popular in the past. Made for “built-not-bought” car enthusiasts, these engines are now making a comeback. The latest of this bunch is the craziest of them all, a colossal 10.35-litres Chevy Big Block V8, dubbed the ZZ632/1000.

Chevrolet is no stranger to large engines but with this one, they outdid themselves. The ZZ632/1000 is 10.35-litres big which is huge in the car world. Please note that the largest ever production engine that came fitted to a modern car is the 8.4-litre V10 of the Dodge Viper.

With such a massive displacement, this crate engine produces 1,004 hp as well 1,188 Nm of torque, if fed with 93-Octane petrol. The redline is a decently high 7,000 rpm. The engine takes some tech from the 9.4-litre ZZ572 V8 in the COPO Camaro race car.

With this crate engine, Chevy aims to lure grease monkeys who are working on their dream car in the garage. And this is no monopoly, even though it may sound like it. Dodge offers the Hellcat Redeye V8 engine as a crate engine while Honda has packed up the Civic Type R engine in a wooden box as well. Ford is also working on a twin-turbo version of the pushrod Godzilla V8. Adding this to the mix can make the crate engine scene more interesting.

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  1. This engine 10.35 L chevey V8 ; 1188 NM of torque ( very good )


  3. Some pricing would be nice . Probly cant afford it if i have to ask huh?

  4. Man, I would love to see that motor in it 69 nova super sport. Of course you have to beef up the frame quite a bit and other components in the front end and rear end. Sounds to me like you hit gold there Chevy. I would love to hear one of them things run. Sounds very very interesting, like he will give grace there a run for their money with that Hemi motor that they have. I wish you guys the best of luck.

  5. Just simply AWESOME!

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