BMW M Experience in collaboration with Bridgestone

BMW M Experience in collaboration with Bridgestone

AGMC introduced the BMW M Experience in partnership with Bridgestone offering customers the opportunity to experience the thrill of driving their M series vehicles on the racetrack under the guidance of seasoned FIA licenced instructors. This one of a kind opportunity to drive a BMW M series and put it through its paces on a racetrack where it truly shines is accessible to all (eligibility clauses apply). It can be experienced by signing up for it on any of their branches or on the BMW AGMC website.

Bridgestone is the largest tyre manufacturer in the world, trusted by some of the most reputable car brands globally. The brand focuses not only on delivering great driving experiences but also addresses sustainability solutions for meeting future demands that may arise in the next five years and beyond.

The media event commemorated the strategic partnership between Bridgestone and AGMC BMW, equipping its M series vehicles with the high-performance Potenza tyres. These tyres are equipped with a sustainable technology to improve braking and abrasion resistance, along with outstanding control. We were invited to have a go on the track at the Dubai Autodrome, with the BMW M5 and the BMW M3.

As this was my very first time on the track of the Dubai Autodrome with a car of any potential, I couldn’t have been more excited for my debut to be behind the wheel of the revered all-wheel-drive BMW M5. Our co-founder and editor Marouf got to experience the agile rear-wheel drive, BMW M3.

My racing instructor was Fabian Duffieux who quickly but patiently took me through all the basics while giving key advice on how to get around a racetrack. Lickety- split, here we go!

The first lap comprised of a quick tour-about to familiarise with the circuit, with quick know-hows of how much turning and braking was possible while maintaining the racing line for best results. Then was the show-what-you-got lap, that started out full-throttle keeping an eye out for braking points with constant reminders from my instructor. I didn’t shy from smashing down the gas pedal whenever the opportunity arose. It was exhilarating and thrilling just knowing I was able to hit high speed northwards of 245kph!

At first though I couldn’t get over the feeling of the car losing its grip when pushing through the corners and bends, but Fabian reassured me the car and the tyres are built to withstand these paces and to just enjoy the feeling of being thrown about a little. The third lap was the cooldown lap where you cruise the car at 70-90 kph without hitting the brakes the entire way, a challenge on its own.

Following this was the hot lap when Fabian took over to really show off his expert driving skills and handling of a race car on track left my mind blown. This lap was testament to the superb tyre performance with excellent grip and traction that kept this car rooted to the track on bends at high speeds, coupled with the exquisite handling of the M5.

I laughed, grunted, screamed profanity when being flung around the track at speeds above 200 kph. But this gut-wrenching, invigorating feeling is unlike any other and has to be experienced. Although this was my first time on the racetrack, it certainly isn’t going to be my last! Kudos to AGMC and Bridgestone for offering this experience to existing and potential customers!

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