2023 Kia Seltos updated three years after launch

2023 Kia Seltos updated three years after launch

It has not been long since Kia brought out their compact crossover, the Kia Seltos. Since then, it has been a smash hit in some markets around the world. In the face of stronger competition, the Seltos now gets a facelift to keep the momentum going.

The changes on the skin are not huge but are quite decent considering that the design is only three years old. The headlights get a makeover with new LED daytime running lights, while the fog lights get a vertical design. The grill is also updated to look bigger. The rear flaunts the latest, and overused design trend, full-width tail lights.

The interior is where the new Seltos gets the most of its changes. The dashboard now accommodates two 10.25-inch screens. The gear lever is gone, leaving room for a rotary dial. The HVAC vents and other controls on the centre console are repositioned to give the cabin a new look.

As of now, no details of the oily bits under the skin are announced. But considering the young age of the Seltos, we do not expect many changes under there.

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  1. When do we expect it to hit the markets especially here in Dubai Fazeen?? And what about the cost?? Will it get AWD?? Because the old Seltos is FWD only!!

  2. A success by Kia and looks are second to none!. it is pretty prevalent for the number of Selto’s seen on Dubai roads in the last few months. An excellent option for the to-be Sportage owners looking for a smaller option.

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