Resale Value Calculator: See your car's current price in the UAE

Resale Value Calculator: See your car’s current price in the UAE

We’ve been painstakingly working on a completely free resale value calculator for used cars, covering the UAE for now. We are limited on resources so it may not be perfect, but we are doing our best to make it as accurate as possible and make this the standard of local used car pricing. In fact, many used car dealers and insurance companies are already quietly using our data to make decisions about your car’s worth.

Used car resale value calculator for the UAE

It is hard to track so many cars, but if you feel any car is way off in price, just leave us a comment and we will take a look.

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  1. How come you haven’t reviewed or list the new 7 series BMW on the web site?

  2. This is very useful, thanks DA team. Just a suggestion as a long time reader – a “Find a Car” section would be very helpful tool for site users – For eg. if Im looking for a SUV thats made in Japan, with a torque converter automatic and a naturally aspirated engine between 2019-2022, the site could show a listing of all such vehicles and their prices. That would add value to the car comparison tool you already have as well. Its probably a lot of work, but the required data is already available from the car buyer guide and is very detailed and comprehensive too. Its just that having a filter option would make the site even better imo.

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