Lucid Gravity

Lucid Gravity promises supercar speed and the highest range for an EV

The blazing popularity of electric vehicles has opened the gates for many new manufacturers to enter the automotive arena. Lucid is one of those companies that came to the limelight with their Air EV sedan. Now, they have turned their attention to something bigger – electric SUVs. Here is a preview of Lucid Gravity, the 7-seater SUV that will come into existence in 2024.

As this is an early preview, details are pretty scarce. But Lucid still gives a lot of clues as to what it will be like when it launches. First off, they say that the Lucid Gravity will offer the most range of any EV available right now. This is a tall claim as the EV SUV segment is filled to the brim with competitors like the Audi Q8 E-Tron, Volvo EX-90, and the Tesla Model-X.

But if we look at their current portfolio, this does not look like that tall an order. The Lucid Air Grand Touring sedan gives an EPA-estimated range of 830 km per charge. Even the lowest range among the bunch, returned by the Lucid Air Pure, is 660 km. A larger vehicle can top this easily.

Another claim from Lucid is regarding supercar performance. Usually, heavy vehicles like SUVs need to sport some insane engines to achieve a performance that is even remotely close to that of a supercar. But in the EV world, things have grown easier. The Hummer EV, Tesla Model X, and some others brilliantly show off their performance, despite their colossal mass. But this will also be a piece of cake for Lucid, thanks to their experience with the blisteringly quick Air sedan.

On the practicality front, the Lucid Gravity will come with five, six, or seven-seat configurations. It will also sport a glass cockpit up front that is inundated with displays.

The images shown here are not of the final version, so some elements may change when it is launched.

More information about Lucid Gravity will surface only closer to its 2023 reveal.

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