Zeetex Introduces Cutting-Edge 5000 Max Series of Tyres for High Performance and Safety on the Road

Zeetex, an emerging leader in tyres that brings innovative, high-quality, and safe mobility solutions, has launched the 5000 Max series, intended to help drivers enjoy a quieter and more comfortable ride. Zeetex, with its global headquarters in Dubai, UAE and North American & European headquarters in Miami, USA and its R & D centre in London, UK, is available in 145 countries across the globe.

Zeetex 5000 Max Range

The Zeetex 5000 Max range, manufactured in Thailand, comprises of next-generation designs that offer a range of symmetrical and trendy aesthetics, allowing customers to express their unique class while still feeling confident in the quality of their drive. The Max range consists of 4 patterns such as ZT5000, HP5000, SU5000 and HT5000.

The 5000 Max range champions an exclusive asymmetrical pattern with the outer tread that provides substantial grip on tight and dry corners, whereas the inner treads shield from aquaplaning. In addition to the quality of performance, the sidewall delivers an appealing design. The ZT5000 Max, HP5000 Max and SU5000 Max are developed with a single sidewall design, providing maximum stability and flexibility. HT 5000 Max’s sidewall design varies based on the chosen category. All types work together to deliver unyielding steering performance in manifold passenger vehicles.

SU5000 Max – comfort and fuel efficiency for SUVs


The SU5000 Max offers drivers better control of their vehicles by providing a smoother and more efficient ride as well as greater fuel economy. It is engineered with a well-designed sipe style and position intended for a silent, comfortable drive.

The tyre aesthetics improve the appearance of SUVs and crossovers, while the wide ribs with four main grooves increase the road contact area.

HP5000 Max – quiet ride and excellent wet road performance


The HP5000 Max tyre’s tread pattern and sidewall are suitable for modern vehicles on everyday roads.

The combination of a helical groove and three main grooves facilitates fast water ejection due to the swirling effect, making it an excellent performer on wet roads. The soft tread makes a silent drive possible.

HT5000 Max – great stability, handling and traction for SUVs


The HT5000 Max tyre’s trendy and unique asymmetrical tread includes a unique sidewall design in the 4×4 segment. This is aimed at enhancing the appearance of the 4x4s and improving their stability, handling, and traction on various terrains.

Its sipe styles – zig-zag, multi-wave and straight sipes – work in unison for extra grip on wet and dry roads. There are four circumferential main grooves for better stability, handling and quiet ride on highways.

ZT5000 Max – amazing performance on wet and dry roads

The ZT5000 Max tyre’s increased water ejection capability owes to the placement of four grooves that make them ideal for improved wet grip. This allows the vehicle to travel over wet surfaces with greater stability and control.

Additionally, angular sipes in the inner side tread blocks help to reduce cornering instability by providing additional edges to grip the road surface. The closed shoulder blocks increase stability, improve steering response, and guard against uneven wear.

Zeetex 5000 Max tyres cater to all popular car segments

The Zeetex 5000 Max tyres cater to the needs of modern vehicles on the road and can be considered the hallmark of comfort, performance and stability. With reinforced sidewalls and innovatively designed tread patterns, Zeetex 5000 Max tyres are beneficial to cars in wet conditions and improve handling on dry surfaces. The new range of tyres functions well in accord with popular car types in the Middle East.

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