Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max introduced as Chery relaunches in the UAE

Chery’s executives ran a live-streaming event with the core media outlets recently, during which they introduced the overall strength and brand concept of Chery, and prepared to launch a new model, the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max, in the UAE.

Chery worldwide

Mr Shen, Chery’s regional manager for the Middle East, suggested that based on the main value chain of automobiles, Chery Group has developed seven core business sectors, including automobiles, auto parts, modern services, finance, intelligent networking, ships and real estate. For automobiles, based on the development concept of “Establishing the Enterprise Based on Technology”, Chery has already established 5 R&D centres worldwide with an R&D team of over 7,000 staff and over 14,000 authorized patents, which enables Chery to overtake other century-aged brands.

Chery’s business strength is self-evident with its products, especially when Chery’s products received several annual awards in Brazil, Russia, Peru, Chile and some other nations, leading the market segment. Meanwhile, Chery has also become the brand that grows at the top pace in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some other regions in the Middle East. In addition, Chery has won the gold award of ICQCC for six consecutive years with its leading and innovative manufacturing capacity as well as advanced quality management system.

To realize the corporate vision of a world-class brand, Chery has not only established ten overseas production bases and 1,500 service outlets but also developed user operation by virtue of the “CR·EATE” system to realize co-creation with users. Moreover, Chery has guaranteed vehicle owners’ rights and promoted its brand reputation via several activities, such as sponsoring marathons and charity.

Tiggo 8 Pro Max and Tiggo 8 Pro Max E+

Mr Jimmy, the Tiggo 8 product manager, suggested that the Tiggo 8 Pro Max would be the first model launched by Chery in the high-end market of UAE with the V-shaped development system since Chery has done in-depth market research. Tiggo 8 Pro Max is a flagship model with Chery’s latest technologies, including the 2.0TGDI engine and the industry-leading ADAS system, which will provide users with a comprehensive driving experience. While Tiggo 8 Pro e+, as the PHEV model, will be launched at the same time so that the users in UAE can have more alternatives when choosing their way of travel.

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  1. Hello Guys, Why Chinese cars has been ignored in a big way. No reviews, no news and update on them. Dubai is almost filled up with these Chinese cars and being a subscriber of Drive Arabia since 2007 I feel that Chinese cars are underrated and ignored. I kindly request to talk about cars from Chinese Manufacturers as the technology is in their hands and for sure in future too

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      You will definitely see more Chinese car reviews this year as they have become more proactive with the media recently. Stay tuned!

  2. cars are underrated and ignored. I kindly request to talk about cars from 🌟*

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