2025 Porsche 911

First Look: 2025 Porsche 911 facelift revealed with hybrid power

Porsche is always looking to level up, but this time, they decided to introduce a whole different engine for their new facelift model. For 2025, the 911 Carrera GTS model is introducing an electric motor and electric turbocharger paired with their signature flat-6 rear engine, producing 532 hp.

The 911 Carrera GTS uses a new 3.6-litre flat-6 engine, replacing the old 3.0-litre motor, which will still be available in other 911 variants. While the engine alone churns out 478 hp, the electric supercharger and motor add 11.7 hp. The electric motor helps to minimize turbo lag and recharges the 400-volt battery.

The 32.6 hp comes from the traction motor placed between the engine and the 8-speed PDK transmission. This motor helps to boost performance across the rev range. Porsche claims it can run from 0 to 100 kph in just 3 seconds.

2025 Porsche 911

The 911 Carrera GTS also gets new active aerodynamic flaps added to the front to improve cooling. The front and rear also get slight design updates, while new wheel options and slightly wider tyres have been added to the back. One big change is that the instrument cluster has gone digital, but it still renders gauges like the generations of old 911s.

2025 Porsche 911

The base 911 models get the turbos and intercoolers from the previous GTS and Turbo variants, so horsepower goes up by 9, while torque remains the same. The front and rear fascias also get some design tweaks.

Only the 2025 base 911 Carrera and GTS models get the facelift for now. The Turbo, Turbo S and GT3 models remain the same for 2025.

2025 Porsche 911

Prices also go up, with the base 911 Carera model increasing by USD 6,000 and the GTS increasing by a massive USD 15,000.

While it will be available in Europe by the end of the year, the 2025 Porsche 911 will most likely arrive in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC countries sometime next year.

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  1. I’d like the Tay-Can to stay on a more conservative, All-electric powertrain path. I simply do not like gossip!

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