Faisal's Renault Koleos

Owner drive: Faisal's 2011 Renault Koleos in the UAE

Owner drive: Faisal’s 2011 Renault Koleos in the UAE

And didn’t crash it in the first 2 minutes. In fact it’s been about 2 weeks now and the car surprisingly still refuses to go sideways. It must have something to do with certain drivers’ skill level (or driving like a girl — Ed.). Based on a Nissan crossover, the pre-facelift 2011 Koleos is rather an oddball of a car. Bought in August 2010, the car is in almost pristine condition driven extremely carefully by the previous owner. In fact, apart from a few mall-parking door incidents, the car looks and feels brand new even with 60,000 km on the odometer.

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