Owner drive: Faisal's 2011 Renault Koleos in the UAE

Owner drive: Faisal’s 2011 Renault Koleos in the UAE

2011 Renault Koleos
And didn’t crash it in the first 2 minutes. In fact it’s been about 2 weeks now and the car surprisingly still refuses to go sideways. It must have something to do with certain drivers’ skill level (or driving like a girl — Ed.). Based on a Nissan crossover, the pre-facelift 2011 Koleos is rather an oddball of a car. Bought in August 2010, the car is in almost pristine condition driven extremely carefully by the previous owner. In fact, apart from a few mall-parking door incidents, the car looks and feels brand new even with 60,000 km on the odometer.

Replacing the hankered 2007 Ford Focus as a daily commute, we needed a car that could handle all the equipment one needs to carry to a proper photography shoot. With thoughts drifting towards a Ford Flex thanks to its enormous interior space, we decided to settle for something more affordable. With our affinity towards non-conformist car choices, the CRV, Sportage, Tucson and RAV4 were out of the question. Then along the way, a friend decides to sells his Koleos and next thing we know, we’re signing transfer papers.

2011 Renaul Koleos

With a whiney CVT, sluggish handling and lightly-bolstered seating; the Koleos makes it immediately evident that it’s not going to be much fun. Now this is a good and bad thing in the sense that those first few sharp turns you take freak you out as you’re taking them at Ford Focus-like speeds, but your aging back does appreciate the comfort levels the Koleos provides on long drives. Talking about comfort, the interior of the Koleos is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and extremely practical. And apart from a prematurely-worn out steering wheel and a loose sun-visor, everything works without any creaks and shows zero wear-and-tear, something we can’t say about my three-year-old Ford Mondeo.

A panoramic sunroof, soft-touch interior materials, speed limiter, cruise control, BOSE sound system, tyre pressure monitor, parking sensor front and back, AUX/USB connectors, rear side window blinds, electric parking brake, smart keyless entry and start, dual zone A/C with rear controls, Bluetooth connectivity, flat folding 60:40 rear seats, flat folding passenger seat, numerous storage compartments and cup holders, two piece tailgate, hill descent assist, 50:50 ‘4X4’ lock switch, multiple airbags, telescopic steering wheel, chilled glove compartment and so on are things that make this such a sweet deal in terms of value for money. Obviously there’s always a chance something could go wrong with so much tech, but with Nissan underpinnings and a ‘Made in Korea’ badge, we’re hoping this will serve us better than the European-made Focus.

2011 Renaul Koleos

Last week we decided to call up Farba Guard and not only got it detailed, but also went for the paint protection deal that they have up for DriveArabia readers. We also got all the lower door protection panels and the front bumper repainted at a discounted price to fix those mall parking dings. As expected, they did a brilliant job, and we now own a car that truly looks brand new. With a 6-month warranty still remaining, and a sun visor on order, a visit to the service center in a few months shall be interesting. Hopefully the good stories we’ve been hearing about the dealer is true and not some elusive fairy tale.

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  1. nice, how did you pay for it?

    • I have to disagree with you, it is a nice small SUV with competitive price and sharing most of its parts with Nissan which supposed to be solid and reliable, people here afraid from european brands in general, but they have nice designs

    • I agree Sami. Exactly the reason we even decided to buy this since the main components are shared with Nissan.

    • I hope its reliable once the warranty expires.

  2. I’d buy it just for the number plate!

  3. For such price this car is a hell of great deal!

  4. er… congrats?

  5. I have heard that the servicing costs are pretty expensive on Renault. I am not sure if you have done some research on it or have first hand experience to share.

    • Heard where? Service charges are lower than any Japanese car for a Safrane.

    • You will always “hear” that servicing costs are SKY HIGH for Renault, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ford, and any other brand that is not Japanese, especially from people who have not owned any of these brands ever, and who have acquired this blessed “knowledge” from the previous generations, and from peers who are equally dumb.

      And just to give you an example about the mentality of people – My friend who owns a Toyota Camry, had its alternator crap out at around 115,000 kms; He spent 2,500 Dhs in an outside garage (dealer quoted 3,400), to get it fixed. When asked about the expense, he shrugged it off saying it is a Toyota. Another common friend of ours, who happens to own a Ford Mondeo, had his alternator crap out at about 160,000 kms. The dealer quoted 2,800 Dhs inclusive of labour, and he got it done from outside for 1,600 Dhs – and my Toyota friend goes -> “OH HOLY F*** MAN, THATSS BADDDDDD!!! TOLD YOU FORDS WERE NOT RELIABLE!!!!”

  6. good to drive

  7. Hi, how do u find the koleos now. how is the maintenance expenses?

  8. got miy koleos lst nov 2012 .. todate i just spent the required fees for the first 10k wartanty for about sr 460 parts and labor… so far so good.. so fast.

  9. how is Renault Koleos. Heard a complaint on non availability of spare parts.

  10. I own a Renault Koleos 2011. At 135000 Kms, it still looks and works very good. NO any mechanical issues came so far.. I feel it as very relaible car with Nissan’s proven mechanical parts.Ride comfort also pretty good with its light steering wheel and intelligent 4X4 system. I bought its as a second hand almost 1 year; finds no issue to service in garages as Nissan’s parts suits it. It a Value for Money car!

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