2008 Nissan Qashqai, Xterra and Navara

2008 Nissan Qashqai, Xterra and Navara

nissan qashqai dubai

We’ve just been invited to the launch of three all-new Nissan 4WD vehicles – the Qashqai compact crossover 4WD, the Xterra midsize five-door offroader and the Navara offroader pickup.

The vehicles will be launched on September 23rd in Dubai, alongside the all-new Altima. This probably means the pathetic X-Trail has been cancelled, although a redesigned X-Trail does exist in Europe already.


We’ll put up more details on these 4WDs once we know what engines and features they’re going to have for the GCC. All we know is that the Qashqai softroader possibly has a 141 hp 2.0-litre four-cylinder, while the Xterra and the Navara are offroaders based on the Pathfinder platform. The barebones Xterra also has the Pathfinder’s 270 hp 4.0-litre V6, while the Navara pickup, among other engines, has a 162 hp 2.5-litre four-cylinder.


Dubai’s Wheels magazine apparently got invited for a Nissan-sponsored trip to Jordan to test-drive all these trucks. Since we aren’t really journalists, we weren’t invited (and we honestly wouldn’t have gone anyway), but the Wheels article doesn’t really give much useful info other than how amazing Jordan is.

What do you think?



  1. amazing 4WDs
    am waiting for the 23rd of this month :mrgreen:
    so nissan is going to lunch about 5 new cars in one year this is fantastic 😯 😯 . and when thy will lunch the new maxima
    that makes them 6 cars :mrgreen:

  2. if u dont find maxima then buy altima new one looks cool… :mrgreen:

  3. the new altima is fantastic, specially the coupe. qashqai is new thing… no one knows where it will fall exactly!!

  4. nissan is on a roll now in UAE, great job nissan. hopefully the other car manufacturers will follow suit.
    Honda, Mazda etc are you listening???……………… probably not :mrgreen:

  5. the qashqai may take the place of the X-trail
    as i remember the x-trail used to have 2.5 L engine which is the smallest size in nissan SUV cars, and the qashqai will be the Smaller SUV car also. although there is a small change in the size of the two engines. 🙂 😉

  6. sorry as a comment on what i said 🙄 🙄 the X-trail is not an SUVs 😳 😳 😳 😳

  7. do any of you guys know when the 2008 model pathfinders will be launched, am desperately waiting fro them cos they’ve got better interiors than the existing ones

  8. are you sure!!! my brother will buy 2007 pathy model and there are no changes between the two models. we asked the sales man about it and he told us there are no changes. the last changes happened with 2007 model. and in case there are any changes, i think they will lunch it at the end of this month but it will cost about 141000-149000 Dhs 😕 😉 . but a good choice. its better than prado :mrgreen: .

  9. never EVER trust a Salesman, he is trying to make the sale at ANY cost 😈

  10. i know man. but since they will lunch it at the end of the month it will not affect him if i bought the new or the 2007 model. but i want to thank you for the inf. if i knew it that doesnot mean that every one know it 😀

  11. hmm…. the qashqai…. ne idea how much this shud be priced at here? and if its getting launched 23rd, how soon before we can buy one at the showroom….?

  12. Qashqai is not a replacement for the Xtrail, it is a new segment, small croccover segment, for those who are upgrading from entry level to up-market sedans, Qashqai is a more elegant and classy as well as bigger vehicle at Sedan prices really and similiar fuel consumption to a sedan. 👿

  13. 😈 👿 👿 😈 👿 😈 👿 👿 😈 Nissan will rule.

  14. vampyr am with you nissan rules.
    but i think it is a replacement for the xtrail 😐

  15. xterra looks like the spanish car (nissan terrano).

  16. Mohamad,

    Qashqai is not the replacement of Xtrail. Coz 2008 model of Xtrail is launch in Geneva motor show.

    Guys do u know Qashqai is also available in 1.6 cc in S.africa markets in our market its only 2.0cc but over priced at Dhs69500. For 2.0cc its high

    I just had a look at “Mall of Emirates” Shiekh Zayed Road.


  17. nissan navara is car of man and whomen

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