So we got a Toyota FJ Cruiser

So we got a Toyota FJ Cruiser


Okay, this is getting ridiculous. We just picked up a brand new Toyota FJ Cruiser, and after the Mini, Hummer and Corvette, this is our fourth yellow car in a row. Yellow! Never have we seen so much yellow! Yellow fever aside, the FJ really is the Japanese answer to the Hummer. We found its back-to-basics off-road equipment to be adequate, while its power leaves the seriously-slow H3 in the dust. Both are rated at around 240 hp, but the FJ has more torque and is somewhat lighter, with an extra speed in the auto gearbox.

So the FJ offers head-turning style, perceived Japanese reliability, a stronger engine, the looks of a two-door with the utility of a four-door, and a lower base price than the Hummer H3. I am guessing the brief domination of the H3 as the ultimate lifestyle 4WD is coming to an end.

What do you think?



  1. Toyota wid a different face…………………gud work!!!

  2. this car sux 🙁 (in case of the shape). it has the same engine that comes in prado. but in case of its offroad abilities its shape is enough 😛 :mrgreen:

  3. good work is trying to change its looks. 🙂

  4. guys, just proof for me that this car has a good look
    every one is saying FJ has a new good look. its shape is better than the Hammer but it really sux 👿 👿 . or because its only a toyota. 😈

  5. FJ looks cool and its fast 2 :mrgreen:

  6. just tell me the box shape is cool. it looks like some body kicked it from the a*s, and the front it looks like a 1450 jeep model or from the world war II. look at the signal lights in the front they are bigger than the head lights them selves. shit, its shit. they should not lunch it as a normal use car. it should be for the offroad use only in the rally. 😡 .

  7. dun knw when toyota wil learn how to make good Offroaders…..mohd ur right the indicators and the front grill really sucks….n these days u can see the advertisements everywhere in saudi arabia saying “ONE RULE…..YOUR RULES” n with a sucking pictur of the car with it

  8. I’m not gonna prefer fj cruisre than Prado VX 3 doors. They got same price but not same engine, surely Prado got I6 clynder which is better than V6 in both desert and street.

  9. Author

    I am trying to confirm that the Prado indeed has a V6 and not an inline-six that Toyota UAE is incorrectly advertising. Every other Toyota website in other countries advertise a VVT-i V6 for the Prado.

  10. OK Mr.Chowdhury.
    How could you explain the big different acceleration between Fortuner4.0 and Prado VX. Because I saw a race between them. Fortuner was painfully slower and slower.
    Also. as I konw Prado is faster than FX35, Patrol 4.8, Touareg 3.6

  11. what the f**k, you stupid. what you are saying is bullshit.
    you are saying the fortuner is much slower than prado because it has V6 and the prado has I6.really you are stupid(if you dont know what you are saying then dont talk) 👿
    habebe(the V6 engine is more efficient than the inline six 👿 )
    and i saw my frind’s car (prado and i think it is V6 not as what they are saying in the website).
    i have to say that although i hate toyota from the roots.
    and the second thing(you are saying its faster than Fx35 👿 are you stupid)man the ship Qx56 is much faster that the 3doors prado not the 5doors, you hear me 😈 so what if it was an FX35
    and in case of the patrol thing (i can beat the land cruiser wth the nissan sunny 1.6 (not 1.8)you stupid and look at the acceleration of each car in the car guide thing) leave those things for the engineers.
    and for your info. Mr.Chowdhury is also an engineer.
    F**k toyota 😡
    and the touarg can’t be compared to the prado :mrgreen: (although they are from the same class)but this german car is much faster than the japanes toyota and more lux. 👿
    you people are like kids “i saw a race and the prado wins, hahaha 😆 “

  12. Yes that’s right, Prado has V6 as Mr.Chowdhury said before, there is a mistake in al-futtaim catalogue. But have you tried Prado VX 3 doors to say that you miserable piece of sh*t.

  13. habebee i tried it and i drove it (sand bashing also(my friend has it 3 doors )) i didnt its a piece of sh*t
    i meant you cant compare it with infinity FX35 😉

  14. you guys buy toyota because its toyota(brand) not because its a car. :mrgreen:

  15. just tell me in which grade you are to make sure that am talking to a kid :mrgreen:

  16. Author

    I don’t really know the conditions of the street races. But the thing is, rolling-start races lead to completely different acceleration times. For example, if you look at detailed specs for cars in American magazines (not crappy local ones), 0-60 mph acceleration times are actually shorter than 5-60 mph times. Confusing if you think about it, eh?

    Incidentally, I’ve been changing around the Prado and Fortuner specs in the last few days, as I get new info from Toyota-based sources in other countries. Toyota UAE is of no help when trying to figure out performance specs. Look out for updated numbers once my research is complete.

  17. Touareg and FX35 are not good off-roader like real SUV’s
    Also, not as good as saloon cars in street
    So, who is crazy to buy these gays-sweetheart’s cars.

  18. really, now am sure that you are in the KG2 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 , and for the second time am saying if you dont know about cars, go and take a training for 50 years and then come to visit the website you stupid 👿
    the VW touareg was ranked the second car in the offroad abilities after the range rover (which even is better than the cayenne).
    and in case of the saloon thing(in streets loool) (i want to tell you some thing) go and a check, which one is higher, the hight or the width of the prado ya stupid. after you know tell me. and as a hint ask about the CG(center of gravity)the prado if you turn a corner at a speed of 60 the car may flip. and this proves that the one who design it has a very big mind.
    and another thing what is the top speed of the prado(although it doesnt matter with me)go and check the touareg and the infinity.
    but since you are in KG2 and am sure you dont have money. you cant buy any car of those gays cars (they call the touareg is the poor mans cayenne).and in case of lux. i dont have even to explain ask any KG2 student like you and he will tell you the answer 😆 am sure

  19. and the most stupid thing is that you are still comparing a crossover(FX35)to an SUV. and the one who paid 180000 for a car is not going to take it offroad (just the prado you can do that with it because from the grocery you can buy its spare parts and thats a good thing 😐 ).
    am sure you have a prado, am i right 😈

  20. Author

    Ok guys, I’m done with the research on the Fortuner versus Prado debate. No one else in the world probably did as much hunting on this as I have, and I hate Toyota’s GCC division for making me do all that work. I can only say that I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible, and I’ve left the fuel economy for both trucks about the same.

    It seems the Fortuner is lighter, but the Prado has the better gearboxes. Also, the full-option Fortuner weighs about the same as a basic Prado 2.7 3-door, but the figures are so diverse that I can only say that it’s an estimate. Also, the Fortuner 4.0 has less torque in the manual version, while the auto version uses the same Prado 4.0 engine.

    Street races won’t prove much since the gap is so close in performance.

    Also, to see the latest updated stats, you have to press CTRL and CLICK on REFRESH at the same time on this page:

  21. where did you post them??? 😈

  22. oh man, i think that the fortuner is faster than the prado a little bit because its lighter(as i think)
    and even the top speed of the prado after updating is lower. loool
    in general thanks . i hope that assassin will look at them :mrgreen:
    but from where did you get those info, just to know 😀

  23. Author

    Info from all over the place. VERY hard to come by. It’s a mixture of info from Toyota Europe, Toyota Singapore, Toyota Thailand, Toyota UK, etc….

    I can’t do any better than this, so I think I’ll get back to updating the Nissan guide with their new vehicles.

  24. patrol is faster than an FX35 and a touareg 3.6? 😆 that must be the dumbest comment ive ever heard in my life. and like someone asked already, why are you comparing a crossover AWDs performance to a full sized 4WD (prado) in the desert. 4WDs like prados are made for the desert while crossovers like FX35s are made for the streets where the majority of people spend their time. Some people prefer to have fun driving on the roads. true that crossovers cannot handle as well as some cars but then most crossovers, if not all, will handle better than the prado for the simple reason i mentioned earlier. prados are offroading vehicles. try taking a turn in a prado at 60km/hr + and you’ll see what i mean. oh and people who usually buy crossovers want a higher ride height but close to car like handling. they don’t care about whether it can go offroad or not. so if it can go offroad like the touareg then well and good.
    well different people have different tastes about how their cars should look. now if you ask me what i think of the prado shape i would say its a tall box with four wheels. 🙄

  25. at the end engineering sense. thats what iam talken about. 🙂

  26. I just want tell you I used to study in Uneversity which all students have a new cars. We used to make races inside the university.
    Firstly, Prado 4.0 was faster than Fortuner because fortuner takes more time in drifting, Prado is all-time 4WD.
    Secondly. Yes we can’t compare FX35 with Patrol. but I’m telling you guys Patrol is faster than FX35 in highway, racing above 100 km/h.
    Thirdly, You said Touareg is a good offroader, that could be if you compare it with Euro’s cars, as you said X5 and Range Rover. I did take Touareg as a test drive from AL-NABOUDAH, I jammed in place which Prodo cross it without any problems. I know why you are saying its a great offroader, because you think that the off-road gear is helping. off-road gear is not used for sand.

    Anyway, Thank you for your information Mr. Chowdhury.

  27. FJ CRUISER takes 8.2 sec from 0 to 100km/h
    That is the exact time of Prado doing 100km/h

  28. 🙄 As you admitted yourself, your random drag racing is inacurate because of poor driving skills. The Fortuner guy shouldn’t lose much time to the Prado if he knew how to launch properly, or simply shifted to 4HI. Even worse if the FX35 guy is losing, probably because he wore out the motor with childish college racing. The Prado will probably take off first, but the FX is supposed to catch up and pass it by 100 km/h.

  29. man, am really tired to make you understand me and the other guys. :neutral:. this is my final comment on this subject if you dont like it dont reply on my comment. the first thing is that not every one have the experience to make races.(i want you to do some thing, let two of your friends who have the same cars (prado for example) make a race between them and am sure one of them will beat the other why?:???: .). the other strange thing is whats the relation between the the drifting and the acceleration????????????????. the third thing is that am a huge fan of nissan and infinity cars so am telling you its impossible for the patrol to touch the FX35 in any way even the gages are not the same(patrol even top speed is (i think 200)since the top of the gage is 220). and in case of the touareg thing(am not comparing the touareg to Europe cars only its with all the SUVs and since you mention the range rover go and watch the top gear episode for the range rover and after that come and comment on the other cars) and i didnt say anything about the X5 😡
    because from my point of view its not for offroad using and its not even compared with the murano(in offroad using ofcourse).and habebe if you want to buy a car for sand bashing its better for you to buy a rangler since its more sheaper. (and in case of the offroad gear i will say it and no one can reject that (the german cars are the best in case of technology). and to correct your information the 8.2 sec is for the prado 3 doors not the 5 doors. and as a comment on what Dr. Khaled said am with him (the ferrari will not stay good if you keep doing races with it, what about if it was prado). cars are made for driving not for racing(this is ok if it was built for that purpose)
    you remind me with one of my friends who keeps telling me that the prado is the most powerfull car (he is like children :mrgreen: )but after he become an expert he start saying that toyota is not the most power full but the most lux. car. i will tell you some thing wait for the fall of toyota under the shoes of nissan and even the Kia if it stays on this way. the altima ate the camry and i want every one to go and see what the nissan is doing (they are upgrading all their cars from inside and no one can say its plastic from inside (see the Armada 2008)and wait for the pathy)and toyota was lucky since they are not lunching the new Maxima till 2009 and we will see what will happen to the Aurion. and in case of power i dont have to comment. 🙂

  30. i think he means wheelspin not drifting. also in the race between the patrol or prado against the fx the result will always be in fx’s favor provided the driver isnt some dumb wanna-be racer. in the start the patrol maybe very slightly ahead but the fx will pass it even before they touch 100 and will continue even after 100. 0 – 100 in the fx is in the low 7s n not the 8 sec reported here.

  31. if he knew
    i think he means
    he wore out the motor with childish college racing
    I,m a girl,,why do you say he?????????????????

  32. Author

    Hey look cb, a girl interested in cars! Now cb has someone to argue with about his theory of the magical FX breaking 8 seconds. 😆

    Assassin, there is no doubt about what you saw, but there are too many other factors to take into account. Sadly, Toyota only offers an official 0-100 time of 9.1 seconds for both the 3-door AND the 5-door (manual), which is what I listed in the guide.

  33. well a simple search in youtube is all you need to see that the fx does 0-100 in less than 8 secs and if even that is unbelievable then all it takes is a simple google search. 🙄
    the new nissan xterra is faster than the fx to 100? interesting… 🙄

  34. hey, Mash look at this link and it will prove that the Fx35 can make it in less than 8 sec. and also look at the future replacement (interesting). man, am scared 🙁 .it will be more powerfull than the cayenne S whats next (there is nothing left) 😯

  35. oh, i forgot the most important thing,hehehe

  36. Mash, what happend with the upgrades for nissan cars (and the altima :mrgreen: )???????

  37. This link shows from 0 to 60 mph which is 0 to 96km/h
    Also About Patrol top speed is 190 km/h, but if we remove the electronic limit, Patrol can do more than 260km/h

  38. Mr.Chowdhury, there is no a buyer guide for 1999/2008 Nissan Maxima 3.0, because i asked Arabian showroom, they told me there is a 2008 nissa maxima same style of 2005/2006/2007

  39. OMG, i want to know, who sent you after me? 🙄 ok, am sorrry am really sorrrry, sorry,sorry sorry. 0-100 Kph its not the same as 0-60 MPH 😐 am sorry for that am really sorrry. and please next time dont protend and say that you are a girl. there is no girl in the whole world that can say” 190 km/h, but if we remove the electronic limit, Patrol can do more than 260km/h”. you said that to excuse you about what you shit before. (260 hahahahahhaaaaaaaay really funny) a girl.
    and the buyer guide is also available, but since you are a girl they did not gave it to you. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  40. and and i gave the prove by giving some #s not like children(races). and you can check the references at the bottom 😆

  41. You said (the ferrari will not stay good if you keep doing races with it, what about if it was prado).
    But my 2003 Honda civic 1.5 now is faster -very little bit- than when i bought it. I’ve been racing in it every day since 2003.

  42. I realy want the buyer guide of current Maxima

  43. Author

    Poor old cb. He keeps showing me 0-60 mph (0-96 kph) times to prove his theory of 0-100 under 8 seconds. It doesn’t prove anything. The difference between 0-96 and 0-100 can be as much as 1.5 seconds on many cars. Also, the FX is quite a heavy porker for a crossover, and you showed me that link for a REAR-wheel-drive model, which is lighter by 90 kg. You did catch a good mistake though. The Xterra is really good for 0-60 mph in 7.6-7.7 seconds (U.S. magazine tested) and 0-100 in 9 seconds (company). I’ll change that. I’ll also fix the Pathfinder time with new official figures I found.

    It is true that the Maxima will continue the same as before, otherwise they would’ve mentioned something at the launch of the other cars. The guide for it is up already, as are for the new Nissan models. You have to press CTRL and click REFRESH together because etisalat shows old pages.

  44. i know the difference between 96 and 100 😕 if you checked out the video i posted you’ll see that 0-100 in the RWD comes in 7.1 seconds and it takes .2 seconds from 60 to 62 mph and not 1.5 secs or anything close. 🙄 now u’re saying the AWD model which can be launched better will take an extra full second to reach 100? with just brake torquing and in D mode even I’M getting times of below 8 seconds 😆

  45. Author

    Dude, please no more of those links, hehe. I can show you a bunch of pro American tests showing the FX35 AWD doing 0-60 mph in 7.1 to 7.3 seconds, which makes all those links meaningless. I can even tell you why your links list 0-100 kph as 7.3 sec.

    – Those Eastern-European countries whose websites you listed NEVER had any Infiniti OFFICIALLY for sale in their own countries and are confusing American 0-60 stats with 0-100 stats. Usually these sites do have the stats correctly for cars that they officially sell in their own country, as I have learned through my experience researching these sources. Infiniti is only sold in USA and GCC.

    – The guy who wrote the arabianbusiness review is a retard journalist. That’s why he also says the FX has 289 hp. He didn’t test anything himself besides go to the mall.

    – The Canadians have never officially tested 0-100 kph for the FX (that I can find) and simply listed the American 0-60 times.

    If an FX35 AWD (not RWD) can do 0-100 kph in 7.3, then it should do 0-60 mph in 6.8, which has NEVER happened with any magazine.

    Here’s a Motor Trend (Truck Trend) review for the (probably AWD) version. They always have the quickest times for all cars for some reason. All they got for 0-60 mph is 7.3 sec:

    I should point out that the FX is still faster than the Prado. But not THAT fast. In fact, I should be listing the FX as even slower than 8 sec to 100, because my Jeep can do 0-60 mph in 7.2 sec (tested by R&T) and 0-100 kph in 9 sec (company time), but I won’t do that until better info comes along.

    By the way, we might be getting one for test during Eid. Let’s see what I can do with that.

  46. hehe thats it, ive seen all those websites and ignored them. problem is i doubt they actually test for those numbers. for example the first site (arabianbusiness) has a 0-100 time of 7.1 seconds but i think only the AWD model is sold here. even i wouldn’t believe a time of 7.1 for the AWD. I think a 0-100 time of 7.4-7.6 is more realistic for the AWD model. I got fed up of searching websites which is why i posted the youtube video.

  47. Author

    Yep, there has never been an official test of 0-100 kph for the FX. I’ll probably be the first one to do it. Unless cb of course bothered to test his own car first. But…I wouldn’t believe you anyway. 😆

    I was just seeing all those FX videos on youtube (besdies yours) but it is hard to time them, since I can’t figure out when their wheels start rolling compared to the revving engine. My rough stopwatch timings do seem to make them quicker than 8 seconds, but I can’t be sure since the cameras shake so much. Cold weather also makes cars faster. I’ll just have to do it myself someday.

  48. u need to download the video using and then use a free flvplayer to play it. you can get the time down to 3 decimal places.
    in the video i posted i found out that he launches at 3.9xx seconds and stops at (cant remember exact values) which would be around 7.1 secs.

  49. but what is cb is saying is correct then it should be about 7.8sec
    but what you are saying about the 1.5 secs its impossible for this car
    and i will wait till you test drive it.
    as i undertand 0-60 is not the true read but 0-62 is the correct one
    so what about this link
    it doesnot matter if its american or europ since they are taking the #s from the american manuf. and these are from 0-62 not to 60
    as i understood this was your problem 🙂
    and the thing that i was shocked from is that you increase the values for the acceleration for the xterra and even the pathy (why did you change them if your values are from the main company) and you always say that. ok what about the altima 3.5 its timing for the manual is 5.95 and its available in the uae website. you didnot change it. am waiting for that.
    and even the fuel cons. 😐

  50. Author

    I change stuff as I get more reliable info. I don’t leave it wrong if I find inaccuracies, like those other local magazines. Also, Infiniti never released official 0-100 kph figures because the USA market uses 0-60 standards largely. Most dealer performance figures by Middle East marketing people are bullcrap. For example, GM here says ZO6 can do 0-100k in 3.7 sec. It does 0-60m 3.7, not 0-100k. They even sent me 3.9 sec for 0-100k once, but quickly changed it in later press releases. 3.9 really is correct.

    I just changed the Pathfinder and Xterra figures because I found official figures (European for Pathy and Canadian for X). It is my job to know which figures are accurate and which are not, even though I might take them from the same website. Sometimes it is possible to beat official figures, depending on launch and weather. If I don’t get official figs, I make an educated guess based on weight, power, torque and gearbox (and not on some race I saw), unless I get better numbers later.

  51. but now the problem is with 62m not with 60 and you can find it on many web sites and some of them are officially(not all of them are stupid). i want to show you these videos as a gift, and for assassin since he hate nissan, yalla have a nice day 🙂
    the last twooo hahaha

  52. Author

    Yep, saw most of them after cb showed me one. The car does seem fast, but I don’t know the launch and weather conditions. I’ll just have to wait and see the actual car.

  53. About Armada, i think it from 0 to 100 km/h is more than 7.5 seconds. Because you may got it from 4×2 not 4×4. 4×4 which we have it here is heavier than 4×2 and they got different gear-box ratios.

  54. if you let him change all the other nissan cars . toyota still suxs. 😈 and if you notice. all the toyota cars are 9 secs and more except the aurion and the avalon and the FJ cruiser and corolla 1.8 loooool 😆 . and every car in nissan is much powerfull than its compit. in toyota. i told you, you have toyota and you are stupid. because no one now a days is buying toyota except the stupid people who have a disease called toyota. but if your ass reach the sky :mrgreen: toyota will still the sh**t 😈

  55. if you let him change all the other nissan cars,,,,,
    How many times should i say that I’m a girl 👿 👿 👿

    And you are saying that nissan is better than toyota, let me think,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    For example, in the beggining of year 2007, nissan used to sale 2007 Altima 2.5 by 64000dhs, but now the price of it is 58000dhs with free insurance, low intrest rate and 35000 km contract services. on the othe hand toyota camry 07 was 72000 dhs, and now if you are lucky you can get camry 07 by 71500 dhs without any promotion. just tell me what does that mean?

    Some thing else, i know you and every one who visit this web are saying the 2007 Landcruiser gxr is the worst car in the world. but i think its better tha best. The proof is:
    1/every local famely (that families got multi-million dirhams) has more than one
    2/ this car shoud be written in it(maintenance-free) it can stay with you 10 years without changing anythig.
    3/ also got the best climate control
    4/ this car gives you best price if you wanna sell it. For example 1999 landcruiser gxr was 120000 dhs, and now those who have it can sell it by 65000 dhs, just compare it with 1999 Grand Cheerokey which you sell it about 10000dhs thought of same price they were.

    Now,, who is stupid? just tell me

  56. oh, i’m sorry, the best car in the world is lexus LX470

  57. you people just like kid, Altima 3.5 from 0 to 100km/h in 5.96seconds, so i’m gonna buy it.

  58. have same problem 😳 i cant find nissan maxima in this web

  59. and now you are the most stupid person in the whole world. (dont fu*k with me you are a boy and even a kid and you are local)because most local families have land cruiser as you said. and i swear i knew that you are local from the first comment. because the only people who are buying the toyota till now is the locals and the indians :mrgreen: .
    and as a comment on the shit that you said. you hmaar. they are selling the old(between brackets)altima to finish the stock so that most stupid people like you will think thats it a good offer and buy one(including the insurance and the service thing). and since you are comparing the 2007 camry (new)with the altima, lets compare it with the new. my father reserve one before one week 2008 for 83000 not even in the 70s you stupid and most of toyota lovers came and complane about the high price. and about the after sale price i will leave mash. to answer you since he has a jeep.
    and i want to comment on the values for the net hp of the new altima (mr. mash i have the prochore and its saying 188 gross and 179 net not 175 and you can go and check)and the good thing is that they are explaining whats the difference between the gross and the net .(what about the toyota? ha, i forget they even dont know anything about the specs of the cars they are selling)
    and you have to be proud if you was able to by altima 3.5. so shut the F**kup 😈

  60. “every local famely (that families got multi-million dirhams) has more than one”

    how does that prove the landcruiser is the best in the world? 😕

    also most Japanese cars have good resale value not only the landcruiser.

    i agree the landcruiser is a very good vehicle but 99% of people who buy it won’t be doing any serious offroading. so why buy a huge vehicle which cannot handle well on the roads for daily usage? only reasons i see why anyone would buy a landcruiser is because he has a large family and it’s reliability. if not then it’s just another poser 😉

  61. Author

    Calm down kids. No point flaming over cars.

  62. tell that kid who is F***king with us to stop complaining. if he doesnt know what he is talking about then he shouldnot talk. 👿

  63. are all of you a same person with different necknames?
    I’m very sorry, i can’t stay with you anymore,
    thats it(mohamad), how could you kiss your mother’s head every morning with your dirty mouth. you are just good in making swears and reviles.

  64. Author

    thats it(mohamad), Assassin is just expressing her opinions. And Assassin, don’t take any internet fighting personally. Let’s keep it civilised.
    I’ll have to delete any more comments that attacks other people. Blind brand loyalty is never a good thing. I own a Mercedes, a Toyota and a Jeep.

  65. I have a question. what is the different between horse power and terque? for example Q45 engine is 340 hp and 451 n/m, but QX56 engine is 315 hp and 520 n/m. The QX got lower hp but more terque than Q45.

  66. Author

    Torque is a complicated definition, but to make it simple, think of it as being responsible for the initial “jump” that you feel when you first press the accelerator. Torque is what helps the car take off, while power is what takes the car to its top speed. Proper 4WDs have more torque than power for offroading and climbing slopes, so they also feel “faster” when you press the accelerator and take off, usually quicker than a car for the first few metres. Of course, once the 4WD starts moving, it doesn’t gain speed as fast any more and gets overtaken by the car with more hp. The scientific explanation is weirder.

  67. hp is what you read about but torque is what you actually feel when you accelerate. the QX56 has more torque because it is a 4WD with low range gearing. such vehicles have their torque concentrated at a lower rpm range. so they will feel fast on initial acceleration but will die down very quickly. they need all that torque to get them moving especially in tough terrain such as sand and rocks. meanwhile hp is an indicator of the car’s top speed.

  68. Thank you for your helpful comments. 🙂

  69. FJ doesnt have speed of 240. atleast my car doesnt. Max is 180 but it goes to 170 with ease that i was scared to push it further. The car is amazing in all aspects. I’m about to lose my job and fear ill have to sell it.. 🙁 this car is a motivation for me to work hard so i dont have to part with it. Dont care about leaving Dubai though.

  70. mash,

    need ur expertise again. close to get the 2011 FJ tomorrow. any idea whether any changes are to be expected soon.

    i sense that it stays as is for a few more years.. any idea??

    thx mate

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