All-new 2009 Honda Jazz exposed

All-new 2009 Honda Jazz exposed


We’ve come across full press photos of the all-new 2009 Honda Jazz, also known as the Fit in other markets. This car will be released at the Tokyo Auto Show this year


The current 1.5-litre four-cylinder motor gets a power jump to 118 hp. The Japanese-market engines include a 89 hp 1.2-litre and a 99 hp 1.4-litre VTEC, both 4-cylinder engines. We don’t expect the hard plastic interior materials to change.


The dark-coloured model is the body-kitted top version, while the lighter model is the basic version. Features include folding rear seats, digital climate control and a panoramic glass roof.


The current girly Jazz never did catch on in the Middle East, even though it is a practical fun-to-drive vehicle. The existing engine is very stressed under hard throttle, but then again, the money-saving crowd never really cared about that. However, the same crowd prefers sedans over hatchbacks too, paying a little more and choosing the Civic instead (while ignoring the butt-ugly City).


What do you think?



  1. almost the same as the older model……… wat about the new honda accord 2008?? when is it arriving in dubai????? i cant wait for it to arrive.

  2. it’s really coool 😛

  3. any idea when it will be sold here in UAE? sometime in 2008?
    edmunds reported the car felt stable at 110mph and 50mph. should be good for those who commute dxb-auh at 160kmph
    whats will the FE be like?

  4. the a/c vent and steering wheel is just like the euro civic

  5. Will Yellow Color be produced for this all new jazz in Indonesia? anybody knows? please inform me.. can’t hardly wait.. tq.. ^^ 😀


  6. hey guys, does anybody know when it is arriving in Dubai?


  7. if its ride is beter than other jazz`s
    and has crouse control,
    i will be having one 😉

  8. looks like a better option than yaris/XA & tiida hatchback .Fuel economy will be too gud.

  9. When is the Honda Jazz 2009 be release in Qatar. Any idea guys. I cant wait so long. Just recently they released the Pilot in Qatar

  10. I hope 2009 honda fit will come to Dubai. I hope it has a disk brake at the rear same with US model. Antenna shoud be at the back end. I dont like like the old Jazz, “girly look” because of gray interior. Also, I’m hoping for paddle shift! If it is, definitely, I will buy one. A lot of people will buy this one also if they will release it as soon as possible.

  11. I found out that US model doesn’t come with rear disk brake. Only at Philippines and Japan do have a rear disk brake. Now, i wish that a Philippines version Honda jazz will come to Dubai. I want the same rear disk brake!

  12. Hi, What will be the new type of Honda Jazz for 2009?

  13. i like new honda jazz, what are the other new features.. is it fog light already feature of new honda jazz?.. i really like the sporty look..

  14. pourquoi Honda ne fait pas de siege passager reglable en hauteur

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