New car buyer guide update: part 1

New car buyer guide update: part 1


I’d like to think I single-handedly created the best new car buyer guide in the Middle East, even with all its little inaccuracies. It’s so good, I’ve even caught local car magazines lifting details from it without giving me credit. But maintaining it is a long-term job, especially since eleventy-billion new cars were launched during the recent Dubai Motor Show. I managed to integrate the more popular new models into the guide over the last few weeks, and figured I’d unveil them in time for our third anniversary on the net. Oh, and happy UAE national day, everyone!

The most recently updated 2008 guides are:


More 2008 updates are yet to come, so stay tuned.

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  1. Great work Mash… Great Extend Informative

    I saw the S MAX in ford pavilion during the Motor Show may be not for this market.

    I guess Toyota Yaris is available in 1.5cc also


  2. Author

    According to what I found out, Yaris 1.5 is for USA only. And the Ford C-Max (the small one displayed at the show) will come here next year.

  3. did anyone who bought an accord 2008 face any kind of problem(s)? which car is better to purchase the Camry 2008 or the Accord 2008 both v4 plz reply…………………….. to profesionals only.

  4. mash i’ve always wondered why Nissan Titan V8 is not on this site. I see several of them here in Qatar. Don’t they sell it in UAE?

  5. (With your permission Mash)

    Bashar, No its not sold by the local dealer here (Duabi). altho you can see some on UAE roads too…


  6. hiya…
    does anyone know when the audi a5 is going to be launched in the uae and any estimates on the price?

  7. Author

    Don’t worry about Accord. No one is going to report issues with it so early, IF there are any.

    And according to Nissan Qatar website, Titan is not sold there either. All Titans in the GCC are grey imports by private used car dealers.

    Oh, and Audi hates us because their ego couldn’t handle our reviews of their cars. So it’ll be a while till I get info on their new models.

  8. thanks mash 😛 I really love the Titan hehe. lol at audi

  9. honda fan, just for your benefit, its not called V4 its I4
    and ya mash, why you dont have any reviews about audi cars although merc. and Bmw are more famous than them. dont tell me they thought that you are a kid who wants to play with their cars thats why they didnt give you a car:lol: :mrgreen:

  10. Author

    There are 2 reviews of Audi cars. After I wrote those, one of their PR people started whining about me giving them a “bad” review, when I thought I gave them a “good” review (and stopped giving cars). She tried to teach me how a car is supposed to handle.

    A year later, I created the new car guide, and their PR manager herself called my writing offensive and indirectly insulted me by saying I don’t know what I’m writing about.

    If this wasn’t enough, a manager for the Abu Dhabi dealer offered us a test car, then when we actually wanted it a month later, he backed off and said to talk to the main PR manager again, who hates us anyway.

    I will never stand for so much interference in my reviews. NO other car company tries to change what I write. By the way, every other local car mag and website got free trips to Europe (which of course they won’t admit) to review the new Audi A4 and A5, so that the journalists are well-fed in 5-star hotels and the reviews become magically positive. We don’t even get press releases from Audi.

  11. haha they gave free trips to europe….what a bunch of losers. since they’ve sidelined you, its obvious that they have something to hide in that piece of junk called audi 😆

  12. oh well….shame to hear that mash….altho i stil think audi’s are good enough…
    cnt make up my mind between bmw 3 coupe, audi a5 or infiniti g37

  13. wallah haram. they are giving you their cars to test them and to write your “own opinion” not there F***en opinion. that sux man 😡 and the problem that they want to force you to write positive opinion about their cars. really that makes people hate them more an more. but dont worry. you can find many mag and shows(top gear) writing what they want about cars even if it was negative.
    man the G37 now cost about 175000 if not more. if you are arabic go to check nissan-arabia website and you will find many information their. and betwn BMW and Audi (BMW my opinion 😐 )

  14. mash.. i think that yaris 1.5 is avaliable here in u.a.e i checked on toyota website in uae they are offering it in 2008…

  15. and mash one more thing is 2.4 accord comming in two variants i mean different hp u mentioned it in your cars update … is that for U.A.E or only US

  16. Author

    You’re right, it seems Toyota quietly released the Yaris 1.5 sedan here. About the Accord, only the coupe will have the higher-power 2.4 engine here, but we’ll have to see exactly what coupe models they release here later in 2008.

  17. in everything which of these two cars are the best……….Altima 3.5 or Accord 3.5????????????????????.

  18. is nissan better than honda in general?

  19. Altima and Accord ’08 are neck to neck. Personally I feel the Altima looks better. The Accord may be more reliable, but only in the very very long run…….

  20. Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury what do u think?????

  21. Author

    I don’t think anything. They are similar cars. Both are large front-wheel-drive cars, so I’m the wrong person to ask to choose between the two. The Altima offers more toys but the Accord is bigger. Also, the Accord V6 has less low-rpm push than the Nissan V6, but I expect the Accord to be more fuel-efficient. That should help with your choice.

  22. there is no way that you are going to say this one is better than the other 😈 or they will not give you their cars as audi did 😆 😆 😆 😆

  23. Author

    Hehe, dude. These cars are not too hard to get even if they don’t give them to me. But if you had that much money to spend on a car, I’d go buy a used BMW or Corvette. So you see, you shouldn’t ask me to choose! I can only give you the correct info to make your decision based on what you prefer.

  24. man dont worry, even if they didnt give you their cars. i will buy for you those cars, but dont be sad :mrgreen:

  25. yalla, my final exam are getting closer, 😥 i have to study more and more 😉

  26. Author

    Hehe, graduate from that stupid college already! I went there last week to pick my degree. My “amazing” electrical engineering degree! I don’t know where I lost that piece of paper already.

  27. why its stupid 😀

  28. study more and more that’s mohammed, because you are one of those zalamat who study 20 hours a day :mrgreen:

  29. and 4 hours of revising…

  30. and after i study for 20 hrs. i get the highest in my section 😉 so there is a benefit from studing for 20 hrs a day. see ya

  31. Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury is the camry se better than the accord v6??????????????. plz reply

  32. Author


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