Cadillac BRX to become 2010 SRX

Cadillac BRX to become 2010 SRX

Since one of our readers, Ali Z.Tabrizi, brought up the Cadillac BRX in a message to me, I figured I’ll use this vehicle to introduce the new incarnation of the Future Car Preview section, now rolled into this blog itself. As for the pictured Caddy, it is the Provoq concept, which was supposed to become a new crossover called the Cadillac BRX. The word now is that this will simply replace the slow-selling CTS-based SRX, thereby becoming the 2010 Cadillac SRX.

Already undergoing testing as a prototype, the 2010 SRX is based on the Saab 9-3 front-wheel-drive platform, and will be available with optional all-wheel-drive. Engines will be lifted straight out of the Cadillac CTS catalogue, including a 2.8-litre and a 3.6-litre, both V6 motors. In terms of size, it looks to be somewhat compact in size, unlike the current midsize SRX.

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