Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 beats GT-R 'Ring record

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 beats GT-R ‘Ring record

The new top-rung version of America’s favourite sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, has managed to a pull off a time of 7:26 minutes at Germany’s famed Nurburgring racetrack, driven by a GM development engineer. The ZR1 thereby beats the amazing 7:29 set by the “basic” Nissan GT-R recently (after setting 7:38 on a wet track earlier). However, the ZR1 has a tough battle ahead, as the prototype lightweight Nissan GT-R V-Spec has already been casually timed doing 7:25, while the pricey Lexus LF-A prototype has already pulled off a 7:24. Honda is already testing an NSX prototype, with rumours that Honda bosses are pushing to defeat the GT-R.

The ZR1 could probably pull off better times with a professional driver. Considering GM now owns the title for the fastest four-door sedan at the ‘Ring with its new Cadillac CTS-V (7:59), the ZR1 should be capable of bigger things, especially since it is the only real sports car in this Japanese-dominated field, with its rear-wheel-drive and proper manual gearbox.

Interesting to note that Porsche and Ferrari are nowhere to be found. Also interesting to note is how the media worships the oddball Audi R8, even though it underperforms even worse than Porsche (or Rolls Royce, if you believe Iron Man). Can someone please drop a coin in my jealous piggy-bank too?

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  1. fastest wld b GT-R or the Lexus LF-A for sure..
    ZR1 still a long way to go

  2. hehehehe…
    i admit that i even didnt expect it to break the 7:30 barrier but its a good job
    lets wait and see…GM has no chance with japaniese or germans(i meant in track)…the only thing they can do is drag racing
    lets wait for the V-spec and the LF-A(as U said 25 and 24 and not even offical) although the LF-A is not in the comparison in case of price(many sources are saying it will cost around 200K)
    and lets not forget that the “basic” GTR is always going under some small changes as the chief engineer said..the Euro and the US version is faster in the track from the japanese version (its not only because the condition)
    let them day dream(the GTR took around 1 year to be beaten, but the ZR1 has less than 5 months)…
    U know somthing… really am scared from the others (porsche and ferrari)….they are so queit in the last few months…i think this war wont end until they break the time of 7 minutes >>>there is also the NSX…
    look at this link: now they dont have to bring their cars to the ring(actullay they will but not as before):

  3. actually the v-spec is a fair choise to be compared with the ZR1 >>>at least the back seats will be removed…
    am happy about one thing, that they are not(company) the only ones who will gain some positive things but the most important is the customer :mrgreen:
    strong cars with cheap prices, ofcourse not that cheap

  4. last couple of weeks NSX been doin runs around the ring…they tryin hard to beat the lap time of GTR…anyways it looks like GTR, LF-A and NSX is gonna rule the ring in commin months….porsche is also workin hard to bring the new turbo to beat GTR….

  5. Predicted Final Results:

    1st GT-R
    2nd LF-A
    3rd ZR1
    4th Turbo
    5th NSX

  6. thatsit(mohamad), are you kidding. the LF-A costs 200k, well may be you are right(200K $ 😆 ).

    and I heard that Mitsubishi-Motors is building a racing car that called – Mitsubishi 500 – will put the Bugatti Veyron engineers in heart attacks.

  7. ya assassin i meant $$$$$$ not DHS
    its against ferrari and lambo

  8. assassin, actually there is a car that beat the mitsubishi 500. the vehicle is dual engined, air cooled, does not require any sort of gas/petrol to run and the product that comes out from its exhaust is eco friendly and useful. moreover, it has one of the largest sized wheels on anything, has one of the largest boot spaces in the industry and is truly unique in the fact that the resale value of the engines far exceed that of the body.

  9. cb, are you kidding too?
    The site that you gave us above is forbidden. I could’nt open it.

  10. the link works fine for me. no im not kidding. heres another link.

  11. mazda designers are plannin to put the mazda furai concept in road legal super car in near future….though initially mazda quoted that they dont have plans for production of furai recent news is that they really plannin to bring out the three rotar engined furai into production….

  12. cb, there is a car that beat your dual engined vehicle, you could have the engine for free, which made by a Porsche company.

  13. Good job
    Chevrolet Corvette I like it

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