AGMC gives BMW M owners track-training

AGMC gives BMW M owners track-training

It seems AGMC, Dubai’s exclusive BMW dealer, recently held the first BMW M Power Driver Training session at the Dubai Autodrome. More than 30 AGMC customers attended the road safety awareness driver-training course with their own cars, new or old. Wait a minute…I own a BMW M Roadster, and I wasn’t invited. But then it hit me…I bought my car second-hand, and I’ve never stepped into an AGMC service bay, in the interests of avoiding the rumoured Dhs 1000 oil changes. I may have plastered my BMW all over this website, but AGMC has no record of me owning it.

The event also provided an opportunity for BMW M owners in Dubai to witness the reveal of the BMW M3 Coupe and Convertible, featuring BMW’s new Dual Clutch Transmission. Passenger laps in the new BMW M3 were also conducted for the participants, with professional BMW driving instructors at the helm.

What do you think?



  1. nice from BM
    you see i didnt attend because my lambo was in the workshop it has small scratch on the roof
    hehehehehehehe :mrgreen:

  2. Author

    Lambo is not sold by AGMC, so you are banned from BMW M track events, along with me.

  3. no…i just said that if i didnt have those scratches, of course i would’ve joined them loooooooool

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