Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport launched in Dubai

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport launched in Dubai

The soft-top Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport was launched at a press event today in Dubai. I already reported on it before, so look it up for details. But I learned a few new things.

There is a geeky square-shaped umbrella that is stored in the front luggage compartment, and you can walk around with this in the rain. This cloth umbrella is what snaps onto the top of the open Veyron Granny and becomes the roof. It is also the reason why top speed is limited to only 130 kph with the flimsy top on.

That was about as much as I learned before my day was ruined. As I snapped a few photos, I lightly touched the rear bumper with my hand. A big European security thug started shushing at me, like how you’d call a pet dog, to get my attention, and then gestured that I take my filthy brown hand off the shiny white car. That humiliation was so bad that I wanted to leave, but my buddy convinced me to stay for the free lunch.

Bugatti officials said this car was a prototype. I am guessing that is why they brought in their own team of (French?) security thugs from Europe too. It would’ve been better if they brought some etiquette along too, on how to treat guests. Or maybe it was just because I looked lame in my cheap suit, because many of the more respectable reporters actually got to sit in the car too. Serves me right, trying to mingle with high society.

What do you think?



  1. You proved yourself cheap by posting it!

  2. Author

    As opposed to shutting up and taking it up the *** like most Asians.

  3. man, you touched her azz.
    They had to send a bodyguard to stop you.

  4. OMG, u put a fingerprint! WHAT A CRIME! Probably wouldve let some hot chick give it a lapdance and wouldn’t have said a word..what a wonderful world..

  5. crazy priced car.even i had millions,i would not buy it.

  6. I dont want it!

  7. I rather buy a yacht for what this car is priced at!

  8. love this car..
    reall sports and fast car.

  9. Why bother. Get a nice boat to keep in the marina and buy a Nissan GT-R, and still get some pocket change left for the trip to back home.


  11. In the world of comics Polianco Dè Chickens has got that car in Dubai.

  12. the best car ever made and wow, i love it…really wish jus to have a ride one day in it

  13. kia bat hai yaar kia gari hai ya nice

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