2009 Chevrolet Aveo5 gets dealer mods

2009 Chevrolet Aveo5 gets dealer mods

General Motors Middle East is heavily promoting the 2009 Chevrolet Aveo5 hatchback as a hip new car for young people. As part of a major advertising campaign (which we’ve been left out of), the Aveo5 is being touted as base for customisations with various dealer-installed modifications, all under warranty.

The Aveo5 mods offered by various GCC dealers include larger alloy wheels, tinted windows, applying stick-on decals, bumper kits, side-skirts, spoilers, hood scoops and even roof scoops, as well as customised paint jobs.

Interior customisation possibilities include colourful bucket seats, sporty steering wheels and gear levers, as well as instrument gauges and aluminium pedals. There is some mention of audio/video entertainment add-ons too.

Chevrolet says ‘the sky is the limit when one has a blank signed cheque,’ although someone with a blank signed cheque can buy something else as a base car too. Shown here is a demo car done up by the Abu Dhabi dealer, at a cost of Dhs 15,000. The base car costs about Dhs 46,000. As the owner of 3 boring cars, I find all this a bit over-the-top. But if you go for that multi-colour paintjob in Dubai, be sure to get a police permission slip first from the CID. And stay out of Sharjah, because a Dubai permission isn’t valid there.

What do you think?



  1. Imagine all that add ons making the car heavier and making an already slow car slower…. 🙄

  2. sux. too much bright colour inside.

  3. not worth a buy with all these extra add-ons for an aveo,perhaps some other car from GM pls

  4. Doesnt suit for the looks. It may work for some but for most it looks cheap like someone else did it. Will good luck GM for trying to sell this to mainstream.

  5. too much slow car but looks hot good work

  6. slow car yet not a bad upgrade on looks

  7. Really Cool.. I have seen this car live.. Really nice.. and fall in love with it.. People.. This is a good car for budget people so please don’t make bad comments on it if you are filthy rich…

  8. Stupid piece of sh1t car; know as the fastest rusting car in its class…
    Shamless chevrolet could do some improvement on thos daewoos before sticking their chevy badges all over them…

  9. well i am the guy who did this let me just say that i was at the age of nineteen and i had to work and with a little help from the garage that never did something like that before , its true the colors sucked because gm made me stick to a toy model so its just a “concept ” and i don’t think that kind of cars just be modded..trans am’s camaro’s and vette’s and the “12 boss mustang 😉

  10. the red flames on the outside looks very cheap….looks more like a private mini van driver’s choice….could have given some sophisticated black stripes on the side….and interior is too gaudy !!!!

  11. It looks cool for such a small car i love it

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