Land Rover LR4 2010 replaces LR3

Land Rover LR4 2010 replaces LR3

2010 Land Rover LR4
You have to wonder what the marketing people at Land Rover are getting paid for, when they thought it appropriate to rename the LR3 just because it received a new grille and a new engine for the 2010 model year.

The new 2010 Land Rover LR4 has a new V8 5.0-litre engine which delivers more power than the previous engine. It now gives out 375 hp and 508 Nm of torque. It comes with a new six-speed automatic transmission and bigger brakes for better stopping power. It has also been fitted with a new variable camshaft timing system which now improves engine efficiency, thereby improving engine response to the driver’s inputs as much as 25 percent. It now produces a 0-100 kph time in 7.9 seconds.

The new exterior design features smoother edges in the front. It has new front bumper design which is also said to improve down force at higher speeds. The headlights and tail-lights get a redesign and both the rear and front lights get LED technology. It can now be fitted with optional 20-inch 10-spoke rims. Standard rims are 19-inch.

The interior, like the Range Rover, has also been heavily changed. It gets a new centre console, dash and seats.

Performance is definitely a marked improvement from the Land Rover LR3. Hopefully Land Rover has sorted out any existing reliability issues by now. The GCC-spec Land Rover LR4 should be here in Dubai and Abu Dhabi within this year. To check out the latest prices and specs on the LR3 in the UAE, check out the buyer guide.

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  1. loool for the 1st para! the dash looks… well, it sux. the whole interior does. The car looks seriously attractive frm the outside though.

  2. Why its right hand side…. is it not for GCC… also i dont get it.. is it upgrade for LR3 or different model!!!!!!!! 😕

  3. 😐 i really love the exterior of the lr4 it is sleek and stylish…the inside i also like it has been improved some also..i currently own a lr3 and i am sad it is being replaced but its replacement is definently and upgrade even though it is not a hugh difference between the lr3 and lr4 but overall i will be upgrading to the lr4 in a few years..thanks for making things better..

  4. “…just because it received a new grille and a new engine”

    But then you go on to say it has:
    i) a new engine
    ii) new transmission
    iii) bigger brakes
    iv) new variable camshaft
    v)new exterior design features
    vi) the interior…heavily changed, new centre console, new dash and new seats.

    The only thing which appears to be not new is your anti-Land Rover prejudice?

    I love the site otherwise, so, whatever Land Rover did to upset you, please get over it and give us the great, knowledgeable fair and objective reviews we get for other marques.

  5. I like how people assume I am prejudiced against a brand due to one negative article.
    You have to realise that if I keep getting blocked by them, then there will be no reviews.

  6. Looking for complete engine,Land Rover,2006 model,LR3

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  8. i didnt see any difference between the lr3 and lr4 , just the bumper look different and the led lights

  9. Kindly confirm if the front driver and passenger seats of the 2006 Land Rover HSE Sports is interchangeable with that of 2006 LR3.


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