Opel Astra 2010 revealed

Opel Astra 2010 revealed

2010 Opel Astra
The 2010 Opel Astra, which was set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, has been officially released by GM. It is set to get a lot of its features from Opel’s midsize sedan model, the Opel Insignia. It comes with a new chassis and is also longer than the previous model by 71 mm.

The Opel Astra’s chassis has been developed as a mechatronic system that integrates mechanical functions and electronic controls. Like the Insignia, it comes with the Opel FlexRide electronic driving system, which offers standard, Sport or Tour settings.


It features bi-xenon Advanced Forward Lighting that changes its intensity and reach according to the environmental conditions. The Opel Eye front camera system, which recognizes road signs and warns the driver when the car moves out of lane.

The CDTI turbo diesel models has a selection of 1.3 to 2.0-litre engines with outputs ranging from 95 hp to 160 hp. The four gasoline engines with 1.4 and 1.6-litre ranges from 100 hp to 180 hp. A new, downsized 140 hp 1.4-litre Turbo replaces the current naturally-aspirated 1.8-litre. The 1.4 Turbo develops 14 percent more torque with lower fuel consumption. The lower powered engines do not get the six-speed transmission.


Whether the Opel Astra will be sold in the UAE or GCC is not known, although it will likely hit showrooms quietly if it did. For the latest prices for Opel in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, check out the Opel buyer guide.

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  1. Cool 1.6-180hp dat can beat an SiR i guess:P

  2. Beat it? Chew it and spit out that toque-less wonder!

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