Mazda 3 2010 debuts in UAE, Saudi & Oman

Mazda 3 2010 debuts in UAE, Saudi & Oman

2010 Mazda 3
We were not invited, but apparently the 2010 Mazda 3 was launched at a Dubai showroom in the UAE, with simultaneous debuts for the Oman and Saudi Arabian markets. While they proudly claim to be the newest compact car in the GCC, it is also the most disappointing new car released this year.

As we predicted earlier, the facelifted 2010 Mazda 3 still comes with a carryover 105 hp 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine, which was already an outclassed unit to begin with. American and European markets get 2.0-litre, 2.5-litre and turbocharged motors. It ties in last place with its platform-mate, the Ford Focus, in terms of power among GCC-spec compact cars.

The basic Mazda3 S sedan comes with 15-inch steel wheels with hubcaps, ABS, power windows, electric mirrors, two front airbags, a 4-speaker CD stereo, cloth seats, a new interior design and a manual a/c. A 4-speed automatic is standard.

The mid-range Mazda3 V sedan adds 16-inch alloy wheels, a rear spoiler, leather steering wheel with audio controls, automatic a/c and a better stereo. The Mazda3 V hatchback features rain-sensing wipers, front fog lamps, side skirts, a roof spoiler, and options such as HID headlights, sunroof, LCD info display and push-button start with keyless entry.

The fully-optioned Mazda3 R sedan and hatchback adds automatic wipers, electric-folding side mirrors, cruise control and different cloth upholstery, with all other options as standard. Apparently the ‘R’ trim is only available in Saudi Arabia.

The basic sedan starts at Dhs 59,000, while the hatchback starts at a hefty Dhs 73,500. Keep track of further updates in the Mazda 3 buyer guide.

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  1. wow 1.6lt engine, what the hell are you thinking UAE mazda dealer? or perhaps your not thinking at all 🙄

  2. weell..if they release the 2.0L variant here, then that will kill the sales of theeir bread and butter model, the Mazda 6 which also comes with a 2.0L engine…the 2.5L Mazda 6 hasn’t been seeing much of demand anyway!

  3. 59k for that? I dont think so..

  4. i am a big fan of mazda cars but really a person must be out of mind to pay above 70k for a 1.6ltr car…lol i guess they tryin to position mazda 3 as a premium model like golf or jetta….

  5. Ugly car … Cant be a competitor of Corolla , Civic or tida.. Thumbs down

  6. Hatchbck looks more stylish, And i think its worth to spend 73000 on the car like this, its not about 1.6 ltr, it has other options too Sunroof, HId Headlights, Pushstart button, wat u need else?

  7. well if your one of those people who want all show and no go, go ahead and buy this and brag about your hids and startbutton while the other smart guy who bought a tiida will be miles ahead that he wont even hear you bragging lol

  8. mazda must be mad!.. 59k for a basic line u might as well go for a 65k camry sport..

  9. the Corolla 1.6 / Tiida / City or a Lancer 1.5 seems to be better ?

  10. hey guys i wanna ask everyone somethin….whats the worst car u ppl have ever driven?…I have tested more than 100 different cars ever since i have got license and i guess the worst thing i have ever driven is the previous generation lancer….

  11. Yaris hatchback i think is the most stupid joke that someone layed a steering wheel on!

  12. Echo 🙂 🙄

  13. and regarding this car…if the Honda can charge someone 57k for the City then 59k for the mazda 3 is justified..but yes, the 1.5L engine in the City is what Mazda can only dream!

  14. yeah vivek u r rite echo was a big joke…i remember once i took echo for was new and just 175km run…morning i was goin from auh to dubai and it was windy day…when i am turnin it to right it was goin left…i didnt feel safe at all in that….compared to echo yaris is far better….

  15. honda still doesnt have a push start button in any of their cars…even they dont have rain sensors…automatic lights in most of them…compared to that yes mazda is really value for money….i got a quotation from galadari for mazda 6 ultra V6 for 100K….u cant even dream of getting any other japanese car with all those options and 272hp….Mazda6 ultra is a blast to drive….

  16. and yet there r no takers for the mazda 6 ultra………………

    any body seen them on the road????

  17. 5-door peugeot 207 GT is much better and cheaper.
    nothing can touch its panoramic roof.

  18. There are 3 ultra owners in the forums…and there is an ultra whch i see parked near my house every evening..I own the mazda 6 2.5L japanese is fun to drive and own…

    and yes, for 100k Ultra is a killer deal..and it kills all other cars in it’s segment in whatever aspect you compare is just that in this part of the world, nothing other than a Toyota/Honda is popular..Hyundai and Ford are just gaining some recognition these days though..

    Mazda 3 does offer a lot for the money one pays for it, however, that 1.6L engine kills all the fun!..That engine just confines this car to those people who are all about show only!

  19. 3 mazda ultras??… wonderful. 🙄

  20. i hardly see any mazda ultras on the roads in dubai. not very popular as people still prefer the accord and altima v6 for some reason

  21. well techincally the ultra is better than accord and altima. i would actually but a mazda over these two and the aurion.


    what kills the mazda is the lousy and dishonest dealers and low resale value.

  22. @ zao
    speaking of worst cars, have u ever tried Chevrolet JOY…. LoLz… it givs u a good mileage though but that thing should never be categorized as a “CAR”. its fragile like a Chinese toy. and can be rented out for only 35dhs a day… and that was my first car i rented out in uae a year back, then i never looked back at it again.. one thng is for sure, whoever drives that car he definitely loses his dignity on the roads.

  23. by PradoTLC, on August 24 2009 @ 4:28 am

    and yet there r no takers for the mazda 6 ultra………………

    any body seen them on the road????
    VA:F [1.2.0_562]

    lolz habibi i own one since 1 week of launch…

    its not always the case if you do not see on the roads its not a good car , people here are rich buyers but not smart buyers.

    To kill aurion,avalon,accord,lexus IS 300
    you do not need to spend more than 120+..

    be smart not rich buyer

  24. dear muhammad

    read my susbsequent posts…… i have rated mazda 6 utra the best among the lot…

  25. lolz…


  26. Mazda 3 2010YM is obviously not a bad model at all as far as luks are concerned…appealing interior and sporty exterior…and Mazda is one among few car makers who give importance to the luk of the cars…may be the price for a 1.6L is bit high compared to its competitors..

  27. Very weak engine and price with options probaly most cutomers will prefer a mid option mazda 6 for nearly the same price.

  28. I think they consider all of us as orphins. whatever cr*p they launch here will be sold anyways so they don’t really give a sh*t about market demand.

    I am considering to import Mazda3 Speed by the way 😀

  29. Proper performance models arent given much importance here… Mazda 3 speed they wouldt bother bringing this car; all they do is get luxury automatic boring models here while everyone get the real fun cars…

  30. You say guys that Nissan Tida is better then Mazda3?,its funy for me,it means u dont know cars at all,i was driving many cars here, Honda is very weak in sound sistem,my friend bought tida and 3 times she had a problem with engine and air conditioner,toyota breaks problems i can tell so many problems,but it takes my time. But Mazda 3 i am driving 3 yaers and till now i hadnt any problems with this car, the engine is very strong,ac,muzik sistem,i really enjoy driving this car and i really feel that i am driving car.And i can say it cost this price,good value,strong car,nice diseign. By the way 2 years ago this car was top of the range in Germany.Here people dont know anything about cars,they know only Toyota and Honda…

  31. Mazda 3 Still the best with his look compare to tida and corola and Zoom Zoom which most people don’t know this option and fuel efficiency.

  32. Yes,Mazada3 is a value for money car and a smart choice.

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