Range Rover 2010 now in UAE and GCC

Range Rover 2010 now in UAE and GCC

2010 Range Rover
The facelifted 2010 Range Rover has been launched in the UAE and other GCC markets. Uncannily popular in rich cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the Tata-owned company’s Range Rover model has sold well in its current shape, which was developed under BMW ownership and marketed during Ford management. The new version changes little on the outside, but major updates reside under the skin.

The new Range Rover has two new 5.0-litre V8 engines, one a 375 hp naturally-aspirated unit and the other a 510 hp supercharged one, both with more power and better fuel economy.

The new 2010 Range Rover has undergone subtle exterior revisions, introducing new headlights, grille and bumper. The side of the vehicle features new ‘three-stripe’ LED indicators and redesigned three-section fender with an upright mesh grille in the front.

The interior benefits from new materials and finishes. The 2010 model introduces new “luxury-grade European leather” trim available for a full leather headlining, pillar and door casings.

One new innovation in the new Range Rover is found in the instrument cluster where the traditional instruments are replaced by a configurable 12-inch TFT screen, which presents all essential driver information via ‘virtual’ dials and graphic displays in the interior relaying system settings, outside temperature and off-road information such as Terrain Response settings.

The Range Rover also features ‘dual view’ infotainment touch screen technology which allows the driver and passenger to view different images simultaneously. This means that the passenger can see a DVD movie while the driver follows navigation instructions, all on the same screen. The new portable audio interface allows connectivity to an array of personal audio storage devices, USB sticks and MP3 players, enabling the various device functions to be accessed and controlled via the fascia-mounted touch-screen system.

The new Range Rover has an advanced new Adaptive Dynamics system for computerised suspension control. Better brakes, stability control programming, sand launch control for soft sand, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot monitoring, are all new. A new surround-camera system with five cameras to relay a nearly 360-degree view makes parking and off-roading easier.

For prices and specs, keep track of the updates in the Range Rover buyer guide.

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  1. the interior not good at all, like prado’s. outside looks pretty good though.

  2. Yes nice car, except for the price I guess!!!

  3. whats the price?

  4. awsom suv.
    best offroad suv in the world.
    Thumbs up for Range Rover 2010!

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