BMW X5 2011 gets facelift & new engines

BMW X5 2011 gets facelift & new engines

The BMW X5 has been facelifted for 2011, while also receiving a set of new engines.

In what was an expected move, the 2011 X5 now looks more like the X6 up front, and has also been bestowed with the turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-6 in the XDrive35i and the turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 in the xDrive50i. The only difference from the X6 is that these motors are the new single-turbo versions, as first seen in the 5-Series GT, and are more fuel-efficient than the older twin-turbo engines in the X6, while also being mated to an 8-speed automatic. All-wheel-drive is standard, and the outgoing X5’s non-turbo engines have been dumped.

The xDrive35i can do the 0-100 kph run in 6.6 seconds, while the xDrive50i can do it in 5.5 seconds. Both have limited top speeds of 240 kph.

BMW’s Brake Energy Regeneration system is also fitted to the gasoline X5 models. It incorporates a special deep-cycle Glass Mat battery with programmed alternator disengagement so that, most of the time, the vehicle’s battery is only charged while the vehicle is coasting or braking. Over time, the Brake Energy Regeneration system can save 1-2% on fuel consumption.

The list of optional equipment now includes features such as 18-inch to 20-inch alloy wheels, roof rails and panoramic moonroof, optional iPod / USB adapter interface, Active Cruise Control with Stop and Go, Lane Departure Warning, Active Steering, running boards, Head-Up Display, 4-zone automatic climate control, rear seat entertainment system, side-view cameras, top-view camera, Nappa Leather seats, Nappa Leather-covered dashboard and centre console, Comfort Access with keyless entry, and smartphone integration.

The M Sport Package includes 20-inch wheels with performance tyres, Adaptive Drive system, aluminium roof rails, M door sill plates, M driver footrest, M steering wheel and M aerodynamic enhancements.

Expect the 2011 model to reach the shores of Dubai and Abu Dhabi by the end of the summer. Keep track of UAE updates in the BMW X5 buyer guide.

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  1. Is there any cosmetic change from the 2010 model? Cant spot the facelift.

  2. The front and the rear bumper is obvious, the bonnet is more round and the fog lights…and it will have an increase in price approx. Dhs10K or a bit more something around 15K

  3. The bonnet seems untouched but yes, the bumpers seem to be revised.

  4. so Honda’s ugly grille came from BMW? the X3 in 2003 was the first to have this kind of hood and grille design. then in 2007 came CR-V. I really looks like honda tried to take that styling feature and alter it a little so that its not apparent. Ended up as crap though…

    And coming to the X5 in topic: its not much of a difference in design but nothings ruined by the minute changes. BMW continues to impress me with their designs.

  5. When will the 5 series GT reach UAE ?

  6. The GT is already in the showroom in Abu Dhabi, since 2 weeks ago. Not sure about Dubai, though!

  7. the x5 full ops is 60k more expensive..!

  8. the new x5 2011 with “turbocharged 3.0-litre ”
    its really emaizing … and for shoure << prise is just 295,000
    keep it up bmw

  9. Fantastic car, i just bought X5 2011 6 cal from ADM. although it is very expensive but it is amazing

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