Hyundai Tucson 2010 on sale in the UAE

Hyundai Tucson 2010 on sale in the UAE

The all-new 2010 Hyundai Tucson went on sale in the UAE recently, after a press launch in Oman to which we were not invited. The secretive new crossover is available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah showrooms with two engines, a whole host of comfort options, and typical Korean safety features.

The Tucson, pronounced “too-saw” if you didn’t know, can be had with either a 165 hp 2.0-litre or a 176 hp 2.4-litre, both 4-cylinder units with 6-speed automatics. The base 2.0-litre model comes in front-wheel-drive form, and features cloth upholstery, power windows and mirrors, a 4-speaker CD/MP3 stereo with USB input, ABS and a whopping one airbag.

There are two higher 2.0-litre trim levels and then three 2.4-litre trim levels, all with standard all-wheel-drive. The top model additionally features niceties such as cruise control, smart key with starter button, rear camera, stability control, active headrests, leather upholstery, panoramic glass roof, subwoofer and a whopping two airbags.

The 2010 Tucson is competitively priced yet again, coming in cheaper than a Honda Civic, and primed to become a massive hit in the safety-conscious GCC, just like the previous version. For more specs and prices, visit the Hyundai Tucson buyer guide.

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  1. cool seat color. the fluidic design for the indoors may not meet everyone’s taste but it will for others for its unique design and layout. It’s unique but not exactly how I would like it too be. Hope the upcoming Sportage will suit my likings – I already like its exterior better than the tucson’s.

  2. the mentioned specs are not availble for saudi arabia market.
    in all cases they didn’t start selling it till now as they inform me from AL-Majdui company may be first for april 2010

  3. Nice interior & exterior. But, the overall shape seems similar to the new Murano & Qashqai.

  4. the new kia sportage looks better

  5. price???

  6. @ muhannad Jaff….. you are absolutly right…

  7. Nice car but i like the new kia sportage 2011

  8. Nice interior & exterior

  9. im wondering how to go about swapping my Tuscon 2009 with this one? this is definitely more stylish!

  10. Visited showroom. Absolutely atrocious sales representatives.
    10 minutes looking around the car and nobody even payed attention to what i was doing, after I have asked for assistance one guy came up as though he was doing a favor to me. When i did ask about features straight answer “No more cars in stock”. After I insisted to have a list of what they have and checked interior, has my expectations promptly restrained by mentioning that I would have to reserve a car.So how about test drive before? Ohhh, sorry…..
    Me – Ok, so what about performance? How long does it take from 0 to 100?
    Salesguy – It is doing 120 kmh maximum
    Me – ?????
    Sales – Cause it has only 4 cylinders
    Me – ?????

    I liked the car and was ready to sign up for waiting list, but I am worried if their service center has the same attitude as their sales center.

  11. BTW, full options car will cost 89K AED.

  12. Dear Sir

    please provide me export price to iraq for Hyundai Tucson 2010 full option ASAP

    Best Regards

  13. better it had 6 cylinders to compete with other

  14. Their sales centres are rubbish!!! i dont know why they keep hiring such dumb ppl seriously…!! the service centre is actually better btw,,

  15. sales people are not very cooperative they don’t know the importance of the customers, if u ask them about the colour they say it is out of stock? common new model recently introduced and how come it is out of stock.

  16. Shall we know the when we get the consigment. two month before we booked.

  17. @abbot

    i agree with u 100%, i had the exact experince…. juma al majid sucks big time interms of service. perhaps the only reason why hyuandi hasnt done well

  18. This car is a new model, the dealers will usually bring few cars at the start to test the market; then they start their orders.

    Some times the car manufactureres also don’t have enough stocks yet or they will give priority to certain markets (like the U.S.) when they launch a new car.

    SO the waiting time will disappear in a few months; this happens with most dealers when they bring a new car.

  19. I like this car, but i want to know about the price?

  20. starting prize (2.0ltr)@62K . full option 89K(2.4ltr limited)

  21. Getting service from Juma Al Majid….. Big pain in a**…. Juma Al MAjid sucks

  22. I asked a brochure about this car, one sales representative from Al Wallan Motors (Riyadh) answered sarcastically: “people ask for brochure as if they ask for something ***** ” Well, man how will you sell if you don’t let the public know about your new car. Different regions have different trim specification. But then i found out that really they dont have one. ^^ No offence but they dont have enough advertising here. Look at their website ( and its still incomplete. Compare this to Toyota ( and everthing you need to now is there.

    In fairness, Hyundai, though they lack strong advertisement of their new cars here in the Kingdom, they are gaining market. You can see almost all new taxi cars are Elantra… and feel the presence of many new sexy Sonata.


  24. ^ unfortunately for Hyundai-Kia, that’s mostly true.

  25. Iam not sure about the performance of the vehicle. I mean how the vehicle would do after 100000 kms. any idea? i have heard that the previous models have issues after 100000 Kms..??

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