Video of the week: Renault Sherpa in Dubai

Renault’s truck division held a press day recently, where they showed off the off-road prowess of the new Renault Sherpa 4×4, a civilian version of the military-grade truck, in a desert safari ride-along. It was quite possibly the most back-breaking off-road trip we’ve ever been on, as the professional driver hit dunes, shrubs and ruts at full speed with no damage to the high-riding truck, except for a shredded tyre at one point due to the hard driving. The barebones truck can cost more than Dhs 1 million if custom-outfitted. The turbodiesel Sherpa can pretty much tackle any desert situation, and the safari-tour Land Cruisers back-up vehicles at the event couldn’t keep up with the Renault on some occasions.

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  1. big monster… looks powerful.

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