Project Kahn Range Rover Sport RS600 2010

Project Kahn Range Rover Sport RS600 2010

We just love Range Rovers. And Project Kahn has made us more happy with their latest Range Rover project, the Project Kahn Range Rover Sport RS600.

We’ll probably not be too happy with the price though. The interior gets a complete new leather styling, from the seats to the glove box. Also the dials have been pimped up with some electric blue lighting. The steering wheel and gear knob also gets some nice leather stitching. The exterior has a ten-piece bodykit, and 22-inch Kahn rims complete the look. The exhaust has been changed to give it a nice roar to its supercharged 600 hp engine.

A few of them might make it to the UAE and GCC. For the latest prices and updates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on the Range Rover Sport model, check out the Range Rover Sport buyer guide.

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  1. This is what this car was actually made to lOOk like…Pimped not to Off-road or any torture like test..its KEWL…

  2. This is what you call luxury.I mean look at the damn thing!

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