AC Schnitzer debuts BMW X6 M kit in Dubai

AC Schnitzer debuts BMW X6 M kit in Dubai

AC Schnitzer, the German tuning firm specialising in BMW models for decades now, debuted their ‘styling’ package for the BMW X6 M at the Automodex tuner show in Dubai. This came alongside news that AC Schnitzer packages will be offered with full warranties through BMW’s Dubai dealership.

The body kit for the X6 M consists of add-ons such as bumpers, side-skirts, spoilers, diffusers, bonnets, exhausts and alloy wheels, as well as items such as engine covers, pedals, gauges, wheels, floor mats and gear knobs. Otherwise, while the exterior is heavily changed, the well-outfitted stock interior is largely untouched.

Some of the items are made of carbon-fibre, while the bonnet piece has a little window to show off the engine cover. Available wheel sizes are 22-inch and 23-inch, with the rear ones wider than the front. The exhaust piece consists of a silencer with chrome tips.

A BMW X6 M already costs slightly more than Dhs 500,000, while adding the complete kit boosts the price to beyond Dhs 800,000. It will be available through select showrooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The kitted SUV will be on display at the Automodex tuning show from the 9th to the 12th of March, at the Dubai Autodrome, alongside the X5 M and the 7-Series by AC Schnitzer. For detailed specs, visit the BMW X6 buyer guide.

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  1. without the kit itself the car looks good
    with kit looks better

    suprized with the price

  2. hi mash have u tested this car or not

  3. if i buy x6m and want to upgrade to the kit instead i will buy a brandnew x6m and a used x6 3.0twimturbo………………

  4. ^ Theres another Asad??!!

    I strongly feel that ‘Lumma Design’ is far better than this or even ‘G Power’ .

  5. 800,000 Dhs for this car!! One must be crazy to do it or doesn’t care about money.
    There are far better cars than this model.
    Have you seen the Top Gear testing of the X-6 on TV or U tube??

  6. nice!

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