Honda Civic Type-R 2010 now in UAE showrooms

Honda Civic Type-R 2010 now in UAE showrooms

The long-awaited 2010 Honda Civic Type-R has finally reached the shores of the UAE. Available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi showrooms, the Type-R debuts alongside the European Honda Civic 5-door hatchback, both for the first time in the GCC.

The Type-R brought here is the European hatchback version and not the Japanese sedan one. Admittedly, the sedan has the better suspension, but the hatchback is the one with the head-turning looks. The Civic hatchback has been available in Europe since 2006.

The Type-R 3-door hatchback is powered by a high-revving 198 hp 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine, mated to a 6-speed manual and front-wheel-drive, with other features such as 18-inch alloy wheels, sports seats, rear spoiler and firmer suspension. It costs Dhs 115,000.

The Civic 5-door hatchback is powered by the same 140 hp 1.8-litre 4-cylinder engine as the regular sedan, mated to a 5-speed automatic, but will only be sold here in top trim, with 17-inch alloys, leather, cruise control, LCD info display and keyless start. It costs a hefty Dhs 95,000.

We’ll be driving the 2010 Type-R in a couple of weeks, so watch out for a full review. Meanwhile, see UAE prices and specs in the Honda Civic Hatchback buyer guide.

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  1. Very nice car but a bit expensive at 115000Dhs.
    I am sure the fans will buy it as it should have a very good acceleration and sporty drive.

    How long from 0 to 100 it would take with the type R?

  2. i guess 6.5 seconds

  3. It looks great in real, I saw it in the showroom , I loved it but its overpriced!

  4. nice looking car but too much price…

  5. It is expensive, but a good challenge to Gti… ppl will go for it, it looks expensive… but fans wont care.
    Btw, I heard 2010 Honda Civic basic is 73000Dhs, Mash.. It seems we need an update in buyer guide 😉

  6. Author

    Tired of chasing prices. Here is the Euro Civic guide:

  7. I’m guessing the 0-100 km/h acceleration is about 7-8 secs at its best. Its kinda pricey considering it only has a small non-turbo motor which means it has almost no torque at low to mid revs.

  8. no 0-100 is at 6.5 seconds

  9. during this recession time ppl should be out of mind to spend 95000 dhs for a simple hatchback…already honda is givin 3yrs unlimited warranty becuz of recession…by the way new sonata is on road…i saw 1 in auh and then i checked in showroom…it looks awesome…better to call baby merc CLS…full option is 90000 dhs…

  10. what they are thinking this car worth’ should be 65k-80k MAX…
    u can get a proper 2010 V6 LTZ malibu for 90k DHs with remote start and VW GTI around 125k and surrco starts @ 90K goes to 125k

    atleast the VWs comes with real tech’s direct ignition, 7 speed Dual clucth, turbo charged and super charged at the same time…

    these UAE dealers treats thier customers like if we r dumb a 2006 model old crap seliing it 95K and 5 AT for god saik cars comes with 8 speeds now wake up jap crap.

  11. I thought they’re going to release the japan spec. The sedan type. this is lame…

    Better go for an EVO X

  12. In the Riyadh Auto Show the Civic Type-R with Mugen kit was priced at SR110k.

  13. waaahh….supperr……
    i saw frm UAE shw room but too expensive …….

  14. _awesome car, but its not a reasonable price… i could get sirroco VW with turbo stage II !
    What the HECK!!

  15. its nice but expensive this is honda not mercedez benz

  16. but car is very cute.

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