UAE petrol prices to increase by 11%

UAE petrol prices to increase by 11%

After years of complaints by the monopoly petrol retailers in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, the UAE federal has decided to increase petrol prices in the UAE by 11%.

The increase will be implemented gradually in stages, apparently to soften the blow on consumers. The total price increase will by 15 fils per litre, eventually upping the price per litre from the current Dhs 1.37 up to a future Dhs 1.52 or thereabouts.

Petrol retailers in the UAE, such as ENOC/EPPCO and Emarat, have always claimed that they buy petrol at international market rates and therefore make constant losses due to the government price cap, earning money only via additional services such as car-washes and mini-marts. Only Abu Dhabi, via ADNOC, refines their own crude oil for local sale. Call us naive, but it just strikes us as odd that an oil-producing country has petrol pricing issues.

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  1. what the hell??

    that’s totally nonsense… whatever the reason is… the petrol prices are high enough…

    It seems they want to kick expatriates from this country…

    May God help us!

    by the way… I don’t depend on cars so much nowadays because of:
    1- parking issues
    2- Traffic jams
    3- It’s better to use bicycles or walk for short distances instead of using cars.

    when to use cars?:
    1- when you want to pick up your whole family from place to place..
    2- long distances(could be replaced by buses or taxis)
    3- Carry lots of stuff 😀
    (Abu-Dhabi Citizen)

  2. Thats too much!!!!!!!!!!!

    In Saudi we get petrol for 45 halals per liter. And the 95 (Octane)for 54 halalas….or fils….
    UAE is ripping EXPATS off…….

  3. its ok not so bad its like 100dhs u will pay 110dhs

  4. u r true shafiq it doesnt make a big difference…but a person driving long distance and bigger vahicles it would make a big difference in monthly budget…dont understand why they r increasing the petrol prices now during this recession time…lol need a good economist here to explain things…

  5. How can Saudi Arabia afford to sell petrol for so much less?

    Why should an oil producing country allow its retailers to sell fuel at “international” rates?

    Its like shops in Holland selling tulips for the same price they are sold in Iran or India…

    methinks ENOC/EPPCO are just being greedy !

  6. Someone call for an economist?

    Ok – so here’s the ‘official’ story – facts only, no opinion:

    Dubai retailers (EPPCO, ENOC) buy their oil off the international market. This would mean that they have a fluctuating cost base and no means of passing this onto the consumer as retail prices at the pump are fixed by the government. They have recourse to other means of revenue such as outlet sales, rentals, visibility tariffs, etc.

    My 2c:

    Given the choice of staying in business and making a loss and letting a neighbouring state supply the consumer at no cost to yourself… which one would you choose?

  7. we could understand this if it was happening 2 yrs back when the oil prices were at peak…but now the oil prices have come down and recession is goin on….

  8. i guess dubai is simply finding new ways for looting ppl when real estate has bombed….

  9. Hmm.. hang a minute… so the subsidy was enjoyed by people who are no longer here ‘cos they got laid off, decided to go back home/elsewhere… and we’re left holding the ball?

    So I pay to recoup the loss they made subsidising someone else’s fuel ??!

  10. so when is this increase going to come into effect? as of today? tmw?

  11. They should allow ADNOC to have country wide operation and close EPCO, Emarat and similar poor quality/money loosing joints. This will sort it out

  12. Author

    April 21

  13. “they buy petrol at international market rates and therefore make constant losses due to the government price cap”

    “constant losses” is a misnomer for Eppcos’s and Emarat’s lower than expected profits.

  14. first kick out the managers and marketing executive working in EMARAT PETROLEUM in dubai head office who take big salary and benifits and give the staff peanuts .kick them all out dont give a single penny.they are the ones who dont know anything only to play politics.please if any body having connection please terminate these marketing executive because they have terminated plenty of staff and now it is their turn .we all will celebrate. please help to do so

  15. this is really too much !! , they made salik and we didnt say anything and we barely able to pay for it, and now price of patrol is higher, guys if all of us coaporate and strike on using patrol stations , they will loss more and will be forced to reduce the price again, we are forced to go for long distances and now we have to put a budget for petrol too ??……….STRIKE !! thats the only solution..

  16. When you understand what is the logic behind being SALIK operationel 24h 365 days a year you will understand why they keep on increasing fuel prices,

    People living in Dubai should boycott ENOC/EPPCO and Emarat by filling there tank in ADNOC Sharjah.

  17. Prices are the same…at Epco/Enoc/Emarat and or Adnoc fueling stations…

    However it was a strategic move first to change the metrics from Gallons to Litres and then increase it by 11% from 1.37/L to 1.52/L

    So if you for example top up every 3 – 4 days for Dhs. 50 for 36 ltrs. after the hike you shall pay Dhs. 5 additional i.e. Dhs. 55 for the same top up.

    Now add that to you budget its a complete loot and rip off…as per above example if you top up the tank for 50 every 3rd day means 10 times a month…you will miss 1 top up because NOW YOU Would have paid 50 Dhs. more already in the last 10 Dhs. 50 top up…

    Goodness gracious me…so on an average about 100 Dhs. more every month…

    is this loot made to bail out the DXB World or what 🙂 :)!!!!!!!!

  18. Prices likely to cross AED 2.00/lt within the next 3months if international prices remain $75 and above..

  19. + 20 fill from Thursday..!!

  20. Author


  21. Try living in australia where we pay $1.5au ltr that equates to 5.5ltr

  22. Hey dudes and dudettes…. the price of petrol in the island i reside, Cyprus is tatatatatataaaa

    1 euro 15 cents per liter…..

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