Lotus Elise 2011 amazing fuel efficiency

Lotus Elise 2011 amazing fuel efficiency

The new 2011 Lotus Elise combines performance with some astonishing fuel efficiency numbers.

The Lotus Elise S gets a new 1.6-litre VVT-I engine, which is 200cc smaller than last year’s engine but produces the same amount of power of 136 hp. Performance figures states it reaches 0-100 kph in 6.5 seconds. Impressive for a 1.6-litre engine.

The outstanding part is the fuel efficiency which is said to be as low as 5 l/100 km. A full tank can run upto 800 km. Also it has the lowest CO2/km emission than any other gasoline sports car with the same performance level. The car weighs just 876 kg and the aerodynamics has improved by 4% which aids in getting the fuel efficiency numbers so low.

A few imports will probably show up in the streets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It can definitely be spotted in Saudi Arabia since they have a dealer over there.

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  1. What a cool car…
    But the question is…. How much will it be if it is imported here??

  2. 5L / 100km??????? woaaahh!

  3. it should be about 200 – 250K if it comes to uae market…it seems that honda CRZ would be commin to uae market….becuz they have launched a new ad for europe africa n middle east…

  4. How much will be its on-road cost in India?

  5. Hope can bring in to Malaysia market.
    how much will be in Malaysia?

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