Citroen C4 2011 coming to UAE with new dealer

Citroen C4 2011 coming to UAE with new dealer

Citroën has just released first details of their new 2011 C4 hatchback. While a real step back into anonymity in terms of design, the toned-down new model will get an audience in the UAE, thanks to a change in the official monopoly dealer in the UAE.

With the new C5 in 2008 and the new C3 earlier this year, the new Citroën C4 will complete the line-up that will become available in newly-built Citroen showrooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi by the winter of 2010. According to reports we had to scrape from other news sources, the Al Rostamani Group is taking over from French Automobiles LLC, who barely have a presence on the Dubai-Sharjah border. For those keeping score, the Al Rostamani Group is the existing dealer for Suzuki, and sort of unrelated to AW Rostamani, the UAE dealer for Nissan.

As for the Citroen C4, details are still sparse, but it will include technologies such as EGS (Electronic Gearbox System), hill start assist, automatic electric parking brake, Lane Departure Warning System and Xenon dual-function directional headlamps, new blind-spot monitoring system, a cornering light function, cruise control and speed-limiter with road speed memory settings, and an innovative new service called eTouch. Citroën’s eTouch system enables drivers to monitor their driving patterns and fuel consumption, and receive advice on how to improve their fuel economy. The system also allows drivers to consult their vehicle’s technical status and monitor any necessary maintenance or servicing requirements.

Citroen says they will expand to other GCC countries soon, though short-term success is unlikely.

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  1. peugeot n citroen is same group then why swaidan trading n omeir bin yusuf is not taking the citroen brand….

  2. Good Morning,
    just i want to know who is citroen dealer in UAE.Dubai
    i am intrested to bay citroen C4
    Thank you

  3. have they shut down? They don’t even have a website. The old dealer website only shows up.

  4. Any news recently ??????

  5. I have citroen C4 ..Its amazing car ,the currently dealer is french automobile and they have service center in UM REMOOL and am doing service there but their showroom in Dubai has been closed.
    The new dealer is rostomani and the new shoroom in deira side to suzuki and nissan.this car has amazing option and road control and the engine has super power and speed ,now am three years and i didnt face any big problem with this car only changing break pad and regular service ,Ac is better than toyota and honda and the engine temp never comes high,and the option inside and the safty you can compare with BMW 3 series or C compressor Mercedes.and the price was amazing 2.0 Litre only 63.000 that time.2008.spare parts very cheap like 190 break pad and 26 for plugs and 55 for air filter. Timing belt and the roller and AC built only 500Dhs this you must change every 100,000 KM..So Whattt?any one would like to check my car and all the spare parts invoices ,,plz guys push this car to much to grow in UAE its deserve more than that .I can reach 200 KM speedin 23 Second ,with 145 HP .Honda civic,Accord,toyota,gulf.leon,jetta,passat,galant,lancer,huyndai,Kia,suzuki,all of them is nothing in front of C4 2.0 Litre Full option . C4 Has 6 Airbag and ABS,ESP,EBA,etc 00971507554344

  6. Citreon used to have a lift system installed i.e Body going up and down. Does this exist now?

  7. Yes, the Hydraulic system does exist in C5 models.
    I too have a 2006 C4, and I must tell that it has never left any head unturned 😉
    A very steady ride on the highway too.
    I agree that some of the parts take a long time to be ordered from France, but the regular wear&tear parts are readily available, some of them are priced cheaper than Toyota & Hyundai.
    Check for yourself before making a critic.
    The feel on top of all, is well above Koreans, even Japanese, and very near to German 🙂

    • Hi Saeed
      I`m big fan of Citroen. I just buy used C4 in very nice condition but I will like to take for check-up.Can you recommend me where I can go for services in Dubai. As I can see on streets Citroen is not common car in Dubai and when I ask couple of my friends regarding Citroen dealership and service, no one was able to gave me any answer. If you can help me with advice I will deeply appreciate.

      Thx you in advance

  8. Hello dear friend,

    I have a car Citroen C5, model 2007
    Auto air conditioner evaporator is broken / damaged.
    Do you have this item?
    If yes, how much is the price for delivery in Dubai.
    If not, can you advise how I can find it.
    I have to thank you so much for responding.

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