Aston Martin DB9 2011 minor facelift

Aston Martin DB9 2011 minor facelift

Forgotten British sports-car maker Aston Martin, now owned by a troubled Kuwaiti investment fund, has mildly updated their aging DB9 grand tourer model, largely to bring it in line with newer cars when it comes to infotainment tech.

Subtle styling changes include a new front bumper, bright finish radiator grille and a reshaped lower intake featuring bright hexagonal mesh. New headlight bezels, restyled sills, silver brake calipers, 20-spoke diamond turned alloy wheels and clear rear light lenses complete the external revisions.

The DB9 suspension’s passive damping system has been replaced by a new Adaptive Damping System (ADS), which supposedly offers better ride comfort together with sharper handling when switched to Sport mode. The ADS system is offered as standard equipment across the DB9 range, encompassing both the coupe and the Volante convertible. A new tyre pressure monitoring system, a revised Bluetooth microphone system and the addition of a new “Double Apex” alloy finish trim and Bang & Olufsen hi-fi options expand the DB9’s specifications.

For UAE prices and GCC specs, visit the Aston Martin DB9 buyer guide.

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  1. why “Forgotten British sports-car maker Aston Martin, now owned by a troubled Kuwaiti investment fund”
    1st.. Aston Martin is not Forgotten, it’s one of the most popular luxury sports-car maker and the fact that uae roads is full of astons proves it..
    2nd.. Investment Dar is not troubled by any chance, but maybe by the envy the likes of you..
    so dear Mashfique you should watch your Language before Writing Any Article…no Wonder why volkswagen Hates you….

  2. Author

    1. Aston Martin is so popular that Ford had to dump it. And they cut their workforce from 1900 down to 600 now. The UAE is irrelevant.
    2. Investment Dar defaulted on a $100 million sukuk bond issue in 2009.
    3. Buy a VW and become friends with the dealer garage.

  3. at least they become popular after the sell deal and no wonder ford dump it because they Ruined it just look at the brandes that Disappeared thanks to the american Companies..and our Companies don’t stay at Debts because our Government help them and does not abandon them like other Governments..BTW with this talk of yours and Behavior you’r proving that you are Unworthy of being a true Journalist…and petrol head!! 😉

  4. heyy mash… is there any car company which doesn’t hate you? haha =P

  5. Author

    They don’t hate me. They’re just indifferent.

  6. no no… I’m just generally asking.

  7. Guys why is thisg getting intense?? If a car maker builds a great iconic car doesn’t mean they don’t have a dark hour??
    Aston is a sexy car but honestly looking at it: they are having a hard time catching up with the market standards, the car hasn’t even been facelifted in ages and now they are adding special features to keep it up with the competitors..
    Lets face it they are having trouble and lets hope the Kuwaiti corp sets the company in a right course and get matters straightened for Aston..
    Ford did ruin it and didnt play it well.. Unlike Bentley which is doing quite great sitting on VW laps…

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