Ferrari 458 Challenge test session in Italy

Ferrari 458 Challenge test session in Italy

A few weeks ago, Ferrari unveiled their newest iteration of the Challenge race-ready model, now based on the 458 Italia. The 2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge had its first test session with a production version at the Vallelunga race circuit in Italy, although it looks more like a test of Photoshop skills instead.

Factory test drivers Maurizio Mediani and Jaime Melo were quoted as saying “very quick and extremely good fun” and “I am sure that Prancing Horse competition owners will be very pleased with the car,” basically nice generic lines for the press release.

The Ferrari 458 Challenge uses an upgraded version of the Italia’s 4.5-litre V8, with power bumped up to 570 hp, while cutting weight using thinner and lighter body panels. Other features include a race-tuned suspension setup, 19-inch BBS wheels with Pirelli racing slicks, carbon ceramic Brembo brakes and more.

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