Infiniti QX 2011 UAE launch amid Blackberry scandal

Infiniti QX 2011 UAE launch amid Blackberry scandal

The hottest news of the day is the governmental suspension of Blackberry services in the UAE by October 11, officially “due to security concerns” but more due to the fact that “The Man” cannot snoop on your dirty emails. The shocking news (to BB users only) pretty much overshadows the fact that the 2011 Infiniti QX56 has been launched in the GCC. That’s the news we hear from our journalist friends who frolicked at the launch party last week, in Lebanon of all places.

Introduced alongside the all-new Infiniti M37 and M56 models at the event, the 2011 Infiniti QX is powered by the same 400 hp 5.6-litre V8 that powers the 2010 Nissan Patrol. The QX also shares the body-on-frame platform, suspension, general body parts, tech features and most of its interior bits with the Patrol, so we are still uncertain about how exactly the QX is different from the Patrol, beyond the front end and minor trim bits. There is some mention of semi-aniline leather and lane-departure warning systems that may or may not be unique to the Infiniti version.

The 2011 Infiniti QX will be priced at Dhs 290,000 for the base model and Dhs 310,000 for the top version in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so it is expectedly just above the 400 hp Patrol in pricing.

Keep track of UAE prices and GCC specs in the soon-to-be-updated Infiniti QX56 buyer guide.

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  1. Nice Interior. Ugliest looking SUV till date.

  2. I saw this car last week…i thought it was already launched here

  3. Hey..I saw this ugly betty last week coming from heading towards Deira…I thought it was already launched few months back

  4. Author

    I barely have any contact with Nissan nowadays, so I wouldn’t know.

  5. its the best car ive seen around ,with all features ,beter than the LX570 , I would love to have one of these i my dream line up

  6. you mentioned the new M37 and 56, isnt there any further details? are they available now here, I believe the new M will create a lot of buzz and attention because it is really nice car not like the older version. it is even going to beat the G and the Lexus GS I guess because the spec and design both are really good, and the 3.7 engine is perfect match for a car in this size as competetors are not having good engines (the GS comes with the underpowered 3.0 and the gas guzzling 4.6). so the M37 will represent a perfect well rounded car in this segment. please, if there is anything new about it prices, launching date … etc, let us know.

    you are the best website ever …. cheers

  7. Author

    The M was apparently launched at the same event, but prices aren’t available yet.

  8. looks like an ugly school bus..

  9. Looks better than the Patrol. I fail to see the differences in appearance between the SUVs available from Nissan/Toyota. They’ve both grown to the same proportions and seem to have similar lines and shape.

    Going to miss the BlackBerry Messenger service here in Saudi. Damn those Saudi teenagers, misusing BBM for their chatting.

  10. Was a fan of nissan, lived in nz were we had the awesome nissan’s of the 80-90s skylines silvias, rwd cefiros 300zx’s, now they make stuff that looks like this, think this is ugly wait till you see the nissan joke (juke), but word is they are bringing back the 200sx, however considering the recent styling attempts, i hope they don’t, will be a disgrace to the outstanding looking s15 of 1999

  11. Ugly, Unoriginal and poorly designed… Whats happening to nissan’s design division? I mean im paying shitloads for this car might as well get some effort on the design part..

  12. No Matter what you say, box shape suits the 4×4 more than anything else, little smooth edges is accepted otherwise, if you try to take truck box and smoothen it to large propositions, this is the shit you will get out of it.

    Nothing wrong with the designs though Altima, Qasqai, Maxima, Z series all look acceptable, Pathfinder is traditional box, None of the xterra window falls in line, the front is good, somehow it still manages to look good, xtrail sucks, Tiida is one wonderful car but with a ugly front. I think when Japanese will realize that Koreans have bitten large share of their chunk, they will get back to classroom with drawing board.

  13. ^ 1st of all the cars you mentioned have nothing wrong with their designs they are quite balanced designs.. This one is a lost identity… Theres a million ways they could’ve face lifted this car..

  14. i actually like the overall package of this vehicle..much much better looking than the previous version

    and frankly.,.i wouldnt mind paying a little more to get the Infinity badge than the Nissan badge to differentiate myself from the rest..and this model looks much better than the Patrol IMO.

    btw..the new M is a revelation with very high ratings in the US markets with the M37 getting the same engine as the G37 and the M56 getting the same engine as the QX

  15. Looks like a frowning over-sized bunny.

  16. The New QX is a just a piece of art. I can’t wait to get one. 400hp, and a private jet feeling inside.

  17. The design is pretty much a love-it-or-hate-it affair. And I love it because, hell, it’s just so controversial. Give it a black paint job, blue xenon HIDs and I’m sold. Too bad the Indonesian price for this beast will at least be 2-3 times whatever you guys are paying…

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