Emirates Islamic Bank car loan Ramadan promotion

Emirates Islamic Bank get into the spirit of Ramadan by launching INTALEQ (Vehicle Finance) Promotion. This new Sharia-compliant vehicle finance promotion will run until the end of September 2010, giving its customers an easier way to gift themselves a car during this auspicious time of the year.

Based on the Islamic banking concept of Murabaha, INTALEQ Ramadan Promotion offers benefits and features such as special profit rates, installment holiday for 90 days, 50% reduction in processing fee and a host of other benefits.

“Ramadan holds a special significance for our bank, our customers and the community, and we wanted to reflect this by launching a very special offering” said Mr. Faisal Aqil, GM Retail Banking for Emirates Islamic Bank.

Customers can also benefit from tailor-made features designed to suit their wallets like 72-month repayment periods and higher finance amounts. These features give them the distinct advantage of planning out their finances and simultaneously help them have an improved lifestyle today with the ease of long-term repayments.

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  1. Its only on a minimum salary of 7,500 . Below that EIB doesnot offer autoloan and the 72 month period is only for locals, not expats. Better try Dubai islamic Bank they offer auto loans for upto 7 years , 84 months for locals.

  2. Iam looking Loan, to buy 1 used car.

  3. i am want to buy one used car

    my salary in 5200

    am gating my salary in cash not in bank

  4. Are you Joking? 5200 indian rupees? try to learn english before you buy a car

  5. hey does the 20% down payment still there.

  6. iqbal??/ r u nut …. go back to school before comment anything ….
    as per central gvt rule effective from 1 may 2011
    20% downpayment is compulsory

  7. i need to buy a car for dubai islamic bank loan. pls intrduce me. dear loan dept pls call me

  8. loan percentage outstanding 2.89
    Absolute rubbish people to deal with
    5 weeks still processing a car loan from them…

  9. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please, i would like to inquire if the bank can give me the loan and help me transport my car to my country then i can remain working till i finish up with the payments. Because i could send that very car back home for business and it could help me payback the loan. While at work i earn 1500 AED

  10. Hello, i like to Buy a car , how can i apply for Loan .

  11. Took a loan from Emirates Islamic Bank, 2.89 interest, loan amount 40,000 AED, cost of loan 4,000 AED, total Value 44,000. 940 AED something Per Month for 4 years. Cant complain. told me no major fees for early settlement. Processing time ridiculous 4-5 weeks, lots of lame questions as to be expected from banks giving out money and got to sign 49 Cheques @#$!

  12. Hi am looking to buy used car from Dubai Islamic bank lone my salary is 3500and +
    Can u introduce me pls !!!

  13. iam loking used car loan my salary is 4000 this is possible please let me

  14. Dear Concerned,
    i am planning to buy used car for my personal use.
    my salary is 6000 and looking for loan from Bank. kindly assist with details, tks

  15. Dear Bank
    i m looking car (used), and my salary is 9250.00 AED transferring into ENBD.

  16. I would like to take a car loan.

  17. i would like to take a car loan

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