BMW 6-Series 2011-2012 coupe revealed as a concept

BMW 6-Series 2011-2012 coupe revealed as a concept

BMW has released first images of the upcoming redesigned 2011-2012 BMW 6-Series Coupe, as usual badging it as a concept, even though it looks pretty much production-ready.

The current BMW M6 only recently went out of production, and while the all-new 6-Series will hit showrooms by early 2011 with engines bummed from the 2010 5-Series, the new M6 is expected to come in late 2012 at the latest. The concept will be shown at the upcoming 2010 Paris Auto Show.

Keep track of updates in the BMW 6-Series buyer guide.

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  1. front looks like a frog….. rest is much better than the old 1 🙂

  2. Oh man… BMW designers have gone quack .. first the Grand Turismo and now this ugly duckling. The new 5 series too could have been made better than the previous model which looks more like a step down than a step up.
    The interior design of this 6 series coupe is horrid.

  3. ugly duckling worst shape bmw has ever made i would prefer cl500 always over this shit

  4. Im sorry, but this the concept version, you shall see it in flesh and then judge – I can assure you that it will be a show stopper, its going down to compete with the CL. BMW wouldn’t have named it Project ”good looks” for nothing 🙂

  5. x2 on the Kermit look. From the looks of the bonnet, this looks smaller than the Z4. Rear lights seem similar to new Avalon.
    Fingers crossed on the final product being better than the ‘concept’.

  6. The Cock mobile is back!! (with respect to 6 series owners)

  7. with BMW, its always a case of givin up on taste, looks n styling, coz the moment u get into one of these n drive it. they r always fantastic to drive. u get more for ur money than, say Mercedes.

  8. You know if don’t understand cars you must just shut up! U don’t nd to be a car scientist to see or understand bmw style. But as for Merc fans I don’t blame you that why we always see on the freeway drivin at 90km on the fast lane!!!

  9. It’s looks like Beemoduder is having shit face.
    And you also not a car scientist or styling designer, but only a s*** guy with “s***-smell” and walking around the town to asking and begging some food. Shame on you, that you are a beggar but claim have mercedes. Pathetic…
    May someone beheaded your head.

  10. my blender machine luks better dan dis

    • Dude, the actual 2012 6 Series does not look like this. Refer to the most recent photos. I agree this one looks crappy, but the new original design is awesome.

      The 2012 6 Series is my next car in 2015, after they detect all problems with the car’s electronics and mechanics, and start to correct them.

      This normally takes BMW 3 years. This exactly what happened with the X5, when I bought it in 2009, all the problems have been fixed by then, and my car has now nothing to complain about. Sweet looking and performing SAV.

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