Skoda Superb & Octavia relaunched in UAE via new dealer

Skoda Superb & Octavia relaunched in UAE via new dealer

Skoda dealers for the UAE is now Ali & Sons Motors, who happen to be the existing dealers of Skoda’s sister brands Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi in Abu Dhabi currently. The official launch of the new Skoda Auto showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai took place this week. The occassion also marked the introduction of the Skoda Superb 3.6, joining the existing Superb 1.8T that was apparently already available quietly via the old dealer. Suprisingly also on sale already is the latest Skoda Octavia.

The Czech-built 2010 Skoda Superb is built on a stretched VW Passat platform and powered by a 256 hp 3.6-litre “FSI” V6 or a the 158 hp 1.8-litre “TSI” turbocharged 4-cylinder engine in GCC-spec trim. Available in two trim levels, the Superb Ambition 1.8T is priced at Dhs 102,000, the Superb Elegance 1.8T is priced at Dhs 121,000 and the Superb Elegance 3.6 is for Dhs 136,500, all hefty prices that seem to compete directly with German-built VW models.

The facelifted 2010 Skoda Octavia, based on the VW Golf platform, is offered with a 102 hp 1.6-litre 4-cylinder and a 200 hp 2.0-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder engine in the UAE. The four versions include the Octavia Ambiente 1.6 for Dhs 71,500, the Octavia Ambiente Plus for Dhs 78,000, the Octavia Elegance 1.6 for Dhs 90,000, and the Octavia RS 2.0 for Dhs 102,000, the last one sharing an engine with the VW Golf GTI.

The existing 2010 Skoda Fabia, on sale here briefly earlier, will be re-released next month with a 102 hp 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine, with prices between Dhs 58,000 and Dhs 67000.

Skoda, originally a Czech automobile manufacturer, became a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group in the early 1990s.

Keep track of prices and updates as they become available, in the Skoda buyer guide.

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  1. skoda superb in oman is about 99,900dhs(9990OR)starting.
    but it is a gorgeous car.

  2. the price of the octavia RS is a great competition to the japs.
    great interiors and great power and german tech.

  3. The 1.6 is just a huge dissapointment. One can find such power in smaller cars for almost half the price and better value. What are skoda thinkin?!! Why dont they have the 1.8T in the octavia like they offer in other markets, that would be a hot seller! The only interesting RS is still a little overpriced compared to the japs if you look at the brand support, resale and ownership costs.

  4. Once you drive Skoda and then find the difference…I am driving Skoda from more than a year now…it WOW…. superb is really superb in control and driving confort and it is really a relible car for long term…yes I know that in gulf every one want japanees or korean car’s .but drive skoda superb and come to the is really SUPERB.

  5. Hi !! manu i wud like to know more about Skodas. Their availability and things like that..

    • My father owned a 2005 Octavia still running until now. The problems he had was air-conditioner compressor died on him and was changed. Also he needs to change the axles after all these years. But has to be done at Al-Buraimi, the Omani dealer is better and cheaper, well my Father lives in Al-Ain.

      The 1.6 is extremely slow and noisy. Don’t even think about getting the 1.6 you’d better get a 1.4 TFSI if possible or get larger engines.

      In Egypt, Octavia is popular and reliable.

  6. please send me show room telephone nos to contact with them for skoda / octivia car in UAE

  7. Wasn’t the Superb on stretched Golf platform?

  8. But this is already a generation old!

  9. I need your showroom address in Abu Dhabi

  10. skoda cars were amazing till autostar trading in uae had control of the service and the sales. Ali& sons has only killed the brand. They changed twice their sales service centers from al daher enterprises ( that used to carry SEAT as their main car) and now to Bosch Car services ( yes they do minimum car services along with their parts division as well). Now to even get a small part like a bulb , Bosch offers to give you two to three weeks. One can only get alternate parts in else where or else Sharjah but cant rely on the reliability. Was a fan of the cars from 2004 onwards but nor relinquishing my three cars all together. no one is interested in making this brand do well. even Renault has come up with great services but what to say. very upset.

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