Chrysler 300C 2011 first photos released

Chrysler 300C 2011 first photos released

The first photos of the 2011 Chrysler 300C has hit the web, and it looks to be a simplistic facelift of the existing model, although mechanical and interior changes are more substantial.

The U.S. Motor Trend magazine released these images along with obvious information that the new 300 series will be offered with either a 292 hp 3.6-litre V6 for the 300 Limited or a 360 hp 5.7-litre V8 for the 300C Hemi at launch, with a choice of rear-wheel-drive as well as all-wheel-drive in some markets, and all with a 5-speed automatic. Other mechanical upgrades include better suspension and steering.

The interior receives better sound insulation, soft-touch dash materials and wood trim. Other available features include 20-inch wheels, 8.4-inch infotainment screen with Garmin navigation, heated and cooled cup-holders as well as seats, and a dual-panel sunroof.

More information will be released later, but the 2011 Chrysler 300 should go on sale by the first half of next year, with a later release for Saudi Arabia, UAE and the rest of the GCC.

Keep track of updates in the Chrysler 300C buyer guide.

Update: New official photos added.

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  1. The present gen has a pure muscle looks. The new one got an executive’s car looks.

  2. no more like it…

  3. I am sooooooooooo disappointed in car designers these days!!! what the hell is wrong with them?? have they gone blind?? or Have the people got blind these days??

    Only Hyundai and kia are making awesome designs!!
    (The unexpected brands are making better desings??)

    Come on!!

    NO STEP DOWN ANYMORE!! We want stunning designs!!

  4. I agree with AbdelAziz. Today car designers are super blind. I mean look at this car’s frnt end. It looks like a 1990 Mercedes Benz E230. The rear look so American which is not a good thing as agreed y all car reviewers. I am sure the interior is stuppid as well with some GREEN lighting like a 1995 Honda Civic.

    And dude, how can you have a 5.7L V8 engine that only produces 360 HP. This is oweful. A V8 with this capacity should naturalyy produce 400+ HP.

    This implies that there is no good fuel management too. a lot of power is lost. This is the engineering analysis of such a situation.

    Hate American cars. Go for German and you will be happy.

  5. Folks,

    I agree with Abdullah! American cars are becoming redundant. If you can afford it, go for Germans or go for Japanese. Honda being the best in class. Specially Accord, if you see the interior design & the exterior too, Honda is no less than any European. I would say Honda is in between Europeans & Japanese. Specially Toyota interiors along with Nissan seem to be Obsolete with Cheap material.

  6. Taha U DA best!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It doesn’t look like mafia car anymore ='(
    IT SUCKS!!!!!!!

  8. seriously don’t the designers EVER COMPARE THE OLD AND NEW DESGIN… clearly if they are not blind, they can tell that their new design SUCKS!!!

    • I designed the original 300c and I want to change the grill maybe but the money hungry lawyers took my idea so now I will not help them.

  9. Yay Camry-inspired! xD How so unmuscular!

  10. I totally agree with AbdelAziz. Kia and Hyundai is bringing really good looking vehicles out.

  11. When carmakers put quality and competition over $$$ then that day will come when they start being creative and start making proper cars.. Hyundai n kia were at the bottom of the food chain and had to work hard to get competitive and powerful while all the others are chilling out and building rubbish cars with nice badges stuck on them just to sell them… (there are exceptions of course)


  13. its a much more refind car, i agree old was bad ass but are you willing to sit in a junk hole than compared to a Lexus level interior u get in this and dont break the bank paying for overpriced (but nice i admit ) German or British car….u will need to grow up and get out of your early mid life crisis….

    the new will sell and appel to far more audience….as car companies need volume not niche to make money and that is what in the end is dictated $$$$ remember you should thank american tax payer who saved chrysler from the chop block else it would have been awful not to have any more 300c around….yes its not perfect…but tell me is there ever a car or will be? and yes a 5.7 lier should easily produce 450+ hp a 3.7 liter infinity engine produces 330HP!!! and its not even direct injection! they should have put dual vvti and direct injection atleast on 3.6 and 5.7 however they are putting it on 6.4 hemi to make 500 screaming horses which i would love to see fly by my 10 year old faithful maxima and put dirt on her..:) hehe

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