Dubai Police to add speed radars to red-light cameras

Dubai Police to add speed radars to red-light cameras

The Dubai Police is planning to install speed cameras alongside traffic signals in a bid to catch people who zoom through junctions as the light turns yellow.

According to The National newspaper, more than 170 red-light cameras that catch drivers jumping red lights will soon become speed cameras too, with the conversion starting from January 2011.

The new radars are supposed to catch drivers who speed up to beat the red light when it turns yellow, although it will also catch speeding drivers during green lights too. Apparently the police had been concerned that a sudden camera-flash could distract drivers and cause accidents, but some “transport experts” now claim the risk is minimal and the benefit is greater. Of course, now there will now be more rear-enders thanks to people braking suddenly as soon as the light turns yellow.

On another note, there are no plans to add speed cameras on lower-speed roads, although they will use mobile radars on roads with speed limits as low as 40 kph, but with a grace of 20 kph over.

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  1. AT LAST..!!? and thanks mash for the great review of the challenger… it was worth the loooong waiting 😉

  2. wow new ways to collect money for payin off dubai debts….

  3. Author

    sure thing, buds

  4. Yeah, they are getting so creative now, trying to find new ways to make money. Its so obvious. Petrol is already the most expensive the Gulf. There are rumours that residence visa validity will be shortened, and that the fees will be going onto a sliding scale instead of being fixed, and that the fee will be based on your position. Ah yes, and then we have DEWA coming with their new slab system of fees. And hey, old Salik is surely still brining in some good bucks, right? Even though there is no longer a need for it. I guess Qatar and Kuwait have no need to do such things. Anyway, I leave for Qatar in January. Yep, sure going to enjoy the 40% higher pay package in Qatar. Maa’salama Dubai. Aashara saneen khalas.

  5. Thanks for the info or soon I would have been a victim.

  6. oh gowd!! I will get it again!!! Thanks for the info

  7. i believe this feature is available in ajman

  8. Just frustrating.. 🙁

  9. This feature is already available on some cams in Sharjah (most notably the Immigration road ones) as i have seen lot of cars get flashed while the light was still green. I had a feeling DXB would have it too since they are more ahead of Shj but i guess now its official. Anyways be careful everyone.

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