Honda Accord 2011 sedan and coupe in the UAE

Honda Accord 2011 sedan and coupe in the UAE

The facelifted 2011 Honda Accord is now on sale in the UAE. Both Accord sedan and coupe models have received styling updates as well as additional new features for the GCC.

The front grille, bumpers, rear tail lamps and wheel designs of both the 4-door and the 2-door models have been changed. Available wheel sizes are 16-inch steel wheels as well as 16-inch, 17-inch or 18-inch alloy wheels, depending on trim.That’s about the extent of the exterior updates.

For the interior, there are new seat fabrics, new instrument panel design, and new options such as a navigation system with 8-inch screen, a dual-zone automatic a/c that uses GPS to adjust temperature according to the position of vehicle relative to the sun, a Bluetooth phone and a rear-view camera.

The engines remain unchanged, with the Accord sedan getting either a 178 hp 2.4-litre “i-VTEC” 4-cylinder or a 271 hp 3.5-litre “i-VTEC” V6 with cylinder shut-off technology; while the Accord coupe gets the choice of a 191 hp 2.4-litre “i-VTEC” 4-cylinder or the aforementioned 271 hp 3.5-litre V6. All models come with a 5-speed automatic and available in either LX or EX trims, although the only model to get paddle-shifters is the 3.5-litre coupe in EX trim.

Standard safety features include stability control, four-wheel disc brakes, ABS, front airbags and front active head-rests. Additionally, the Accord V6 sedan as well as all Accord Coupe models get side and curtain airbags.

Keep track of specs and updates in the Honda Accord buyer guide.

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  1. “….a dual-zone automatic a/c that uses GPS to adjust temperature according to the position of vehicle relative to the sun…” .. For real??

  2. This car is stupidly over priced. I went to the dealer the other day and the 4 cyl with navigation is for 125 or 128 k, the V6 with navigation goes up to 138k. so I decided to buy the new 2011 Avalon, it is much better with much more features for 139500 dhs. What the Avalon has and the accord does not are the following features: Heated and cooled front seats, power rear sunshade that goes down on reverse, memory for the seats, auto dimming inside and outside mirrors, Knee airbags, voice activated navigation system, 6 ….. I repeat 6 speed transmission (It is very important for me cuze I drive on highways mostly), Lenses Xenon lights, new stylish LED Tube tail lamps and the list goes one.

  3. Guys u manage to get informationfrom all over the world but took so long to get this news.When the new shape arrived thailand had paddle shifters and dvd based navigation like 3 years ago.We were short changed for a long time and now the prices is going to kill its market share. This is like the prado.The pricing has no co realtion like it used to be,hence the value of the previous generation went up.So i presume a used accord is gonna cost as much as it when it was brand new…pity. Everything seems to work for Kia optima ,only if they bought their 2.0 turbo…..

  4. BTW samer avalon is fantastic alternative to a lexus ,congrats .But tell me does the FWD bother you(Coz with that power, torque steer co
    uld be an issue)

  5. @ronnie This is from the press release Honda sent out a few days back.

    @mashfique Saw one today morning…certainly an improvement but still boring compared to competitors….

  6. Its been few months this model launched….i used to like only Honda from any japanese manufacturer..but what’s this guys?? is this design..not only Honda, toyota & nissan also should learn how to design cars..will not suggest to learn from german but they can have a look at koreans even.

  7. HONDA ACCORD 138000?!?!?! AAAAHAHAHAHA what has this world come to?!

  8. Honda are losing there grip on reality, somehow the H in their label is looking like 3 pointed star, TO THEM!! their cars are so stupidly overpriced even the civic, and people still buy them, talk about following the herd !! Use your brains people.

  9. ronnie

    Thank my friend, for the FWD thing, frankly, I work in Dubai Media City and live in Ajman, so I drive around 150 kms every day, so its all about comfort, taking the car into high acceleration or hard corners is not a daily habbit for me, the Avalon is a wonderful cruiser as I drive 140 kms\h while the rpm is on 2200 only, so it is as quiet as a whisper, I just finished the first 1000kms so I never floored it till now to know the cars full capabilites because till now I never got corolla or civic tailgating me to teach him a lession

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