Toyota Yaris 2012 unveiled in Japan as Vitz

Toyota Yaris 2012 unveiled in Japan as Vitz

Toyota has unveiled the latest Vitz hatchback in Japan, better known to us as the Yaris, and the all-new 2012 model at that. The new model is said to be more spacious than the outgoing one.

The 2012 Toyota Vitz will be offered in Japan with the choice of 1.0-litre, 1.3-litre and 1.5-litre engines, all mated to CVT automatics and front-wheel-drive. Also, the 1.3-litre can be had with all-wheel-drive and a fuel-saving engine start-stop feature, while the 1.5-litre can be had in sporty RS body-kitted trim with a 5-speed manual.

Of course, none of the fancier features will likely make it to the 2012 Yaris that should come to the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the GCC by the middle of 2011 in hatchback and sedan body styles.

Keep track of updates in the Toyota Yaris buyer guide.

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  1. That gear stick is funny, so tiny, some fat American can break that.

  2. The gauge cluster is now in its proper location, not that stupid idea anymore to put it at the center.

  3. Looks like a major improvements than the current one..

  4. The only thing keeping me from buying a Yaris is the instrument cluster. If this is it then I will buy.

  5. Yaris has been my first car, so I am ok with the dashboard in the middle. In fact, I am not used driving cars with the instrument cluster under the steering wheel. I suppose I can get used to them though.

  6. Until 9-11, the only thing we wanted to do was argue with each other about the election & be left alone. Nice to know how folks really feel about us. The “Big Secret” on how we got from a coastal country to a super-power in a lil’ over 200 years, is we built our country for our children over the generations. We weren’t greedy. How is it that Africa can be so large with so much wealth & for 50+ yrs I’ve been alive there have been starving people there? Rather than building water wells & wind breaks, the people fight over what little is there.
    Yes, we’re fighting our waist-lines. Slowly but surely we’re pulling out of everyone’s squabbles. Everyday of the international hate-fest, just adds facts to my fat fellow Americans that we should be “Isolationists”, let you stew in whatever the problem is over there. I just wanted to know about the new Toyota when I got here, now I wonder -who will you hate when we’re gone?
    May God bless you, as He has us.

  7. some fat american is really peed off here….. dam they more touchy than we earlier assumed.

  8. I think toyota needs a good designer, the exterior looks uglier than the previous one especially on its headlight. Good engine, bigger body, nice interior, but looks like a monster …

  9. i like it but still my yaris 2010 is a lot nicer

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