Walkaround: A closer looks at the 2011 Ford Mustang GT

Walkaround: A closer looks at the 2011 Ford Mustang GT

Forget the 0-100 sprints and the lap times. When it comes down to a muscle car like the 2011 Ford Mustang GT, it needs to be practical to sell. Otherwise, if cars sold solely on its performance credentials, Ford would just build a two-seater with no boot, and no leather, and no radio.

Take a closer look at the latest Mustang GT without having to step into a showroom. This is a walkaround of the glass-roof version, with leather seats, aluminium dash trim, automatic gearbox, optional 19-inch alloy wheels, basic SYNC stereo with Bluetooth phone, and the sought-after “5.0” badges.

Check out details like the working of the rear indicator lamps, the integration of the rear-view camera, the retro gauges, the blind-spot mirrors, the rear legroom, and the bonnet-shaped covers for the sun-visor mirrors!

Photos and video footage by Faisal Khatib. Edited by Mashfique H.C.

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  1. Wow….. very nicely filmed… this is good way to show the cars. If you people can manage to record videos while driving… it could be more amazing… and camera resolution is very nice from which record this movie….Thanks (Faisal Khatib and of course MASH)

  2. Haha.. nice touch with switching off the audio and reving the engine at the end of the vid.

    I beleive I might have even caught a glimpse of Mash puffing on a cigy from the reflection of the door. ;P

    Nice video and pics guys! More vids from now on, please.

  3. Author

    We had this car for a week, so we did something extra with it. Can’t do it for other cars if “they” don’t give me the cars long enough. And it took a whole day to edit, so this will be rare. And I don’t smoke!

  4. Excellent video mash!..any update about the 2011 civic??

  5. Nice…
    Speaking about one of this car faults, strong burning smell comes from ac vents even when the ac is turned off while flooring the accelerator. Is that normal issue in all mustangs??

  6. Author

    ^I think you’re the only 2011 Mustang owner that speaks here, so you tell us. I don’t think I caught that.

  7. Very nice video
    Great Effort !!!

  8. Those gauges r bloody gorgeous.. Proper retro..

  9. Brilliant car, video & pictures. Thanks Mash & Faisal.

  10. great car! and great pics!!!!

    although the red color looks super feminine..

  11. now thats somthin new!!! good work nicely done!!!

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    I know this is difficult to manage but just food for thought. Decision is yours….

  13. Im seriously thinking of buying one of these ! @Mash What’s the price of Full option V8 coupe and the glass roof model ??
    Also, will it be a better option to buy import one from US (as its cheaper there)..

  14. I had a look at the V6 version as the GT is over my budget & with the rising price of fuel it might rip through my wallet.

    It looks decent for 120k.

    I’m now confused between the Maxima (139K) , Mustang V6 (120K) , Chevy Camaro (142k).

    Any Advice guys ???

  15. actually, the maxima offers the best usability (4 doors, cargo space, etc.) + the best resale value

    the camaro is overpriced in my eyes, especially with the facelifted mustang available for much less.

    you wouldnt go worng with any of the 2 or even 3 i d say..

  16. It is cheaper to buy from US and import but I have heard that the imported mustangs from US develop problems in the GCC region later on, correct me if I am wrong

  17. how can you compare a muscle car with a sedan..and on top of it all..you compare a FWD to a RWD??

  18. In case, you need to know the price for the mustang line-up, just paid the dealer a visit.
    Base V6 – 98K
    V6 Full op – 120K
    Base GT – 140K
    GT Premium – 160K

    mustangs that are on order can have choices over what wheels you want…

  19. Author

    There was talk of a bare manual GT for 125k, but it looks like most dealers are choosing not to stock it.

  20. Mashfique, u r right. Altayer has a bare manual V8 for 125k. The coup goes up to 160k and the convetible is 170k. However, there is a 150k coup trim which is the best seller.
    Suggestion: would be great if u can have the links of these articles in the car’s buying guide and vise versa.

  21. @ Aaron, if u want to consider a larger sedan, go for the Taurus. I find it much nicer and greater vakue than the Maxima. However, if you want a muscle car, the Mustang is an easy winner.
    Does anyone know when will the new Focus be available in Dubai?

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