So we got a 2011 Honda Accord V6 Coupe

So we got a 2011 Honda Accord V6 Coupe

Looks like we’re possibly the first people in the UAE to review the updated 2011 Honda Accord V6 Coupe, just in time for the first days of the rainy season. The car isn’t all that different from the one that debuted two years ago, but it is still a satisfying drive and gets some much-needed tech.

Changes to the handsome exterior amount to new bumpers, front grille and wheels. It looks like the body-kit option of the previous edition is not available any more.

The big rear sports new tail lamps, and nothing else new. Dual exhaust outlets and a lip spoiler hint that this is a V6 ride.

The interior has soft-touch surfaces as far as the hand can reach, although further top areas of the dash and below-eyeline regions are hard plastic. Upgrades for 2011 include a cover for the compartment in front of the shifter and the optional navigation system controlled via the big dial and buttons on the centre-console. Also new are USB and AUX ports under the centre armrest, Bluetooth phone buttons on the steering wheel and optional paddle shifters. But there is still no trip computer to tell fuel economy.

The leathery front seats are comfortable, moderately-bolstered, and power-adjustable for the driver. Space is great, and it almost feels just like driving the Accord sedan of course.

For a coupe, the rear seats offer rather good legroom, although entry is obviously tight. Rear passengers even get a cup-holder each.

The luggage boot is also very spacious for a coupe, although goose-neck hinges and a one-piece folding seatback limits practicality compared to a sedan.

The Accord coupe isn’t just a chopped-down version of the Accord sedan. Aside from the completely unique bodywork, it seems the suspension tuning and steering feel are very different from its four-door counterpart, which we will also be driving soon. More in the full review.

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  1. 3 passengers can get in the rear seat?

  2. looks like a copy of the altima coupe..

    quality wise likely another solid build i reckon..

  3. I booked for 3.5 HA coupe test drive ,but the sales executive called me on 23rd & informed right now test drive car is not available may till weekend… When u people going to return?…..

  4. boring design, another over priced japanese car 🙁

  5. Author

    This is not the dealer’s car, it is from Honda HQ, and yes, three can fit in the back if you squeeze.

  6. there should be more power then sedan n its pricey then sedan.i think they r taking money of squeezeing the car

  7. Ugly car !! If i need a reliable and practical Japanese car i would rather get Accord 4 dour or if i need a coupe, i would rather get a new exciting and powerful RWD Mustang for the same price !

  8. Ford Mustang V6 far much better than this Accord and Zelas. I don’t believe what Toyota has in their minds. They thought people are goof or what ? Less price and at least you can get 60,000 KM free service and maintenance… And remember you earn money not easily it’s very hard to earn here, so you all must know the value for money.

  9. The build quality and refinement of this coupe and the 4 door saloon version is Class A.

    Mash is right when he says the tech was much needed as its direct competitor was offering a better package till now.

    Unfortunately, the saloon version’s exterior design already seems a little outdated. Honda needs to redesign this to rekindle excitement amongst prospective buyers and ofcourse without raisng the price tag any further!

  10. no push button start stop?!!

  11. Its a good looking car and definetly a quality car but Its quite over priced… For the same money you can manage to get a proper performing RWD sports car..


  13. Addition of technology welcome but they made the ’11 uglier – the front grill and tail lamps.And there is already a recall on this for front suspension assembly.
    Been driving a ’09 V6 coupe for a year & no major issues even with 2 kids at the back. The child seat goes in fine. There was an issue with rear brakes though & Honda replaced caliper & pad under no cost.

  14. If i was working for Honda, i would make this a genuine sports car, make it Rwd with the 3.5v6, try to make it a bit lighter and more sports car like,esp handling, this is just another car to fill a gap in the market, come on Honda what happen to you guys. Went from making the best fwd and rwd sports cars to basically Toyota with a Honda badge

  15. I have a 2004 Accord Coupe 6 cylinder/v-tech 2 door and I love it. I recommend one of those.
    It got a very high rating from everyone who had purchased one at the time per Consumer Reports a year later. The accords I have seen lately seem cheaper. (more cheaply made).

  16. jal di leko kaisa hai bol tu tab tak sabar kar ro ji

  17. I bought a 2012 Accord Coupe (same color as this!) and so far it has been great. One issue with the roof liner but Honda will fix that for free. Otherwise, drives really well, fast, nimble, handles great, doesn’t feel like a fwd, more like a rwd, steering is great, fit and finish excellent. I would highly recommend the coupe. The sedan, however, looks dated.

  18. I know this article is 5 years old but if you look at the picture of the open trunk you’ll see a little pull-handle next to the driver’s side hinge; that’s the release to fold down the back seats.

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