Project Kahn reveals the Range Rover RS500

Project Kahn reveals the Range Rover RS500

Tuners Project Kahn has released its latest creation, the Range Rover RS500. As the name suggests, the horsepower is bumped up to 500 hp on the diesel engine.

The 4.4-litre V8 diesel engine was upgraded by Cosworth, and comes with a complete new stainless steel exhaust system, altogether helping it get to the 500 hp mark.

The exterior features a ten-piece bodykit which includes bumpers, sideskirts, and a new grille. The car rides on some 22-inch alloys and the bum gets four tailpipes surrounded by a diffuser kit. Massive in-your-face vents stick out from the front bumper.

The interior is also redone with RS badges everywhere. Premium quality leather is applied on the seats, dash, glove box and shifter knob.

Since it’s a diesel engine, it will probably not make it to Saudi Arabia or other GCC countries. A few imports might show up in the UAE, if only the kit. Details, prices and updates on the standard Range Rover in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can be seen in the Range Rover buyer guide.

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  1. awesum project exterior wise!!
    but standard range rover iz also giving 510 hp !!!
    no upgrade in the engine????

  2. Author

    ^It’s the diesel engine. Normally its only 309 hp.

  3. I am so against car exterior modification, espicially with new good looking cars like this beauty.

    It makes you feel you are driving a “fake” Range Rover, not “original”. Always be original.

    And I am sure, this is sold much more expensive than a regular Range Rover, for what, just extra body and interior work that does not make sense. At least to me thought.

  4. MAROUF@ thnxx 4 da info 🙂

  5. Hi i love kahn project who provides there kit in uae

  6. such a nice car.. how much is it?

  7. hey its original just beefed up and modified

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