Hyundai Azera 2012 photos leaked online

Hyundai Azera 2012 photos leaked online

Here are all the photos of the 2012 Hyundai Azera, leaked online well before its official debut.

This absolutely-stunning full-size car is likely based on the Kia Cadenza platform.

The front-wheel-drive Azera is expected to be offered in Korea with a choice of 2.4-litre and 3.0-litre engines, although it could come to the Middle East with a 3.3-litre V6 and a 3.8-litre V6, both mated to a 6-speed automatic.

The interior has also been fully redesigned, bringing it in line with Hyundai’s current styling trends.

The Azera will first debut in Korea, where it is known as the Grandeur. Expect it to hit UAE, Saudi and GCC roads by the summer of 2011.

Keep track of updates in the Hyundai Azera buyer guide.

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  1. Its official Now!! Hyundai is much better than the toyota’s and Honda’s. Just look at this thing.And im sure the build quality will be top notch. Fantastic work Hyundai. You HAVE moved upscale.

  2. the grill has to go just like the sonata

  3. oh yeah! that is truly something, kudos to innovation.

  4. Thats a great looking car and look at the size of enormous navigation display!

    Those tail lights looks so similar to ones from Kia Optima.

  5. The Azera or Grandeur appears as an evolved Sonata sedan. The lines have matured and although there is a similarity to the design from Lexus, it all works. The interior is another leap forward.
    This is an attractive design but certainly not overdone.

  6. Look wise awesome…cant say anything less than that….Hyundai is really making wavs these days….

  7. You know what, the design is actually a copy of two different cars.

    Front end: Toyota Camry (current model.

    Read end: SAAB 96 (2011 model).

    If you do not believe me, you can compare the photos of both cars to this one and see.

    Take it from me, Koreans are good at nothing but copying. They never had a V8 yet since they entered the automotive industry.

  8. They do have a V8 and a second one is on the way along with an 8-speed automatic.
    And copying isn’t a problem as long as you can easily distinguish the car from another, which, in this case, is possible.

  9. ^ Would you please give a Korean car which has a V8 engine installed byt the manufacturer.


    And sorry, copying is a problem becuase it shows that they have no creativity in desiging their products. They are out of ideas. By the way, copy rights should apply here, I am not sure why SAAB and Toyota are leaving them!

    • Let me ask u being creative by so called copying. Ok at least no one would say this cay is toyota or saab as u call it it is creativity that made them combine deferent design to make up another, pls what do u call that? Is creartivity pls the are the best now, i love Hyundai Azera

  10. 4.6 Tau V8 in Kia Borrergo/Mohave, Hyundai Genesis and Centinial/Equus
    A 5.0L V8, currently being tested in prototype Genesis’ will be coming in future Equus and Genesis with an 8-speed auto.

    And what I was trying to say is that styling is quiet easy to distinguish from a Camry or a Saab and there doesn’t seem to be any intentional ‘theft’. They are following their ‘fluidic sculpture’ template used on the Sonata, Tucson and upcoming Accent.
    Minor similarities exist in all cars on the market. It’s just our earlier impression of Korean cars that make us look for the similarities in them.

  11. It’s also worth a mention that Hyundai’s Tau V8 is listed in Ward’s 10 best Engines.’s_10_Best_Engines

  12. ^
    Surprising how Nissan’s VQ engine series have dropped out of that list for 2010.
    With regards to copying, I agree, there are always going to be styling cues but this would definitely be distinguishable as a Hyundai when running on roads.

  13. Ive owned a 2002 hyundai for 2 years now.. Scored 140K km mileage on it… I have nothing to complain about it.. Their cars are as good as japanese..

  14. have a friend with a 2006 Sorento. he is going off-road at least twice per month and he has no complaints about it. His BIL has a 2007 Sportage. Again he has nothing to complain. Anothr friend of mine has a new 2010 Soul. Regardless she is a woman (thus little knowledge abt a car) she has no complaints about it.
    I dunno about everybody, but so far i have a very good opinion of Kia @ Hyundai and serioussly thinking of Mohave

  15. We own 2 Hyundai’s–2001 Elantra with approx 350,000KM. Bought it new when it came out. Runs great no major work on it. Just replaced the brakes. The best standard I have ever driven, shifts smoothly and still has the original clutch. Love it. Muffler seems to be going on it now. Thats about it.
    Bought a 2009 Azera……amazing car to drive. I feel like I’m driving a tank. The quality is fantastic. Before my husband and I buy anything big, we compare. Never bothered with Toyota. Horrible customer service and too expensive.
    We test drove a 2009 Accord (husbands choice) to sporty feeling and the finish(interior & exterior) was not as nice as the Azera. Tested a 2009 Maxima although I loved the power it put out, again the finish and quality wasn’t there compared to the Azera. So we bought the Azera.

    Extremely satisfied with both cars. Not too mention the excellent customer service at the dealerships. You can bet we will continue to buy Hyundai vehicles.

  16. The new Azera is stunning! Watched a youtube video and seen the interior at night….wow beautiful and you want something different “new style” the front headlights. Check it out on youtube it is wild.

  17. BJD m with u bro!!
    @abdullah: kindly do some research n then come!!

  18. @abdullah

    “They never had a V8 yet since they entered the automotive industry”

    i don’t normally comment on message boards, but i feel compelled to this time.

    I find this user’s comments ignorant. do you normally speak without having ANY knowledge about a particular subject?

    as mentioned before, not only does Hyundai have a v8 engine, but it has been on Ward’s 10 best engines in the world.

    i’m not even going to comment about your other point…you instantly lacked any sort of credibility with your first statement

  19. hello…

    does any one have an idea for its release date in the U.A.E ….


  20. The hyundai Azera 2012 already launched is Saudi Arabia. the 2.4 liter full option is priced @ SAR 99,800. mash plz do a review on this car.

  21. Just seen one on the street here in Erbil / Iraq, it is stunning and looks way better than Camry.

  22. 2006 azera with 102,000 carefree miles on it, after the nightmare of owning a GM car.This is wonderful I love this car an will buy another hyundai in a heartbeat

  23. hyundai the have a V8 car its HYUNDAI Equus check up on you tube its better then BENZ.thanks

  24. what is this car price starting from?

  25. Just saw one today near festival city… looks awesome and probably the only competition to Kia Optima in looks department (though both are different category cars)… cant believe what these koreans are achieving and seems there is no end to it until they have overtaken every brand

  26. i’ve got a 2006 azera with 160,000 klms on it trouble free on saudi and jordan roads. i am about to trade it in on this beautiful 2012 azera

  27. I had only owned Toyotas and Hondas before. I fell in love with the new Sonata and I love my 2011. I will say the the quality materials are either equal or better than Toyota/Honda but the actual electronic systems are not quite as good but very very close. Most of all Hyundai (and the reason I purchased) is doing it with REAL style and not the bland other kind (new Camry and Passat, so disappointing). All in all I’m a very happy 2011 Sonata owner and I really look forward to trading it in for the new Azera… Im sure I’ll fall in love with that one too.

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